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122nd One Hour Game Jam (26 Aug 2017)

Theme: fast!
Started: 26 Aug 2017 at 20:00 (19 entries)
desert sprinter by denneledoe desert sprinter
by denneledoe

you are an absurdly fast..... "thing"(?)..... that has to collect coins to win! don't touch the cacti! (the game speaks for itself honestly)

1 hour pong
by racso

One hour pong. Keep the ball inside the playfield!

Quiclick! by neowedge Quiclick!
by Neowedge

Be Quiclick: Click Quickly!!!! But stop when semaphore is red :). How long away can you arrive???

Test Your Reaction
by Eru

Read the READ ME file

Internet Argument Simulator by phantom_lab Internet Argument Simulator
by Phantom Lab

Get your Jacques Chirac Fedora ready for this "experience". You have to prove people wrong on the internet quickly! People really need to get their facts straight!!! (Caution, potentially loud background music)

Quick! Defend the Ground. by kriptical Quick! Defend the Ground.
by kriptical

Move the Shield to defend the ground.

I made 10 games because I am a madman. by terracottafrog I made 10 games because I am a madman.
by Terracottafrog

Title. Itch for controls.

Speedy Speed Boy by sebastianscaini Speedy Speed Boy
by Sebastian Scaini

NANI!? Press space to jump- I mean drift.

Smash faster! by takki Smash faster!
by takki

Reach the blue line, continue to smash those arrow buttons

blink! by ludipe blink!
by ludipe

Mean platformer game where you must memorize the whole level and complete it in under 15 seconds. https://ludipe.itch.io/blink

Sort It Out by mrdave Sort It Out
by mrdave

You are working in a sorting office. The parcels are all falling out of the delivery system too fast and you must sort the parcels into the correct boxes before they hit the spikes on the floor.

Polyburf 4 in 1 Multi-cart by puarsliburf Polyburf 4 in 1 Multi-cart

four games in one! Had to discard my first idea because, and I quote: "my idea sucks balls so fuck it im making a minigame collection in half an hour and if that doesn't qualify for tfast then you can bite my ass!" So I did. It wound up taking slightly more than half an hour though. All games are controlled with the arrow keys and build up a score that gets displayed once all games have been played. It can also be seen as the window caption whilee playing. This is pretty much a rip-off of terracottafrog's OHGJ100 game "I made these"

The Doctor Will See You Now by ylivay The Doctor Will See You Now
by ylivay

The Doctor will check your reflexes. Hit any key as soon as he hits your knee for MAX RELFEXION! He will hit you 10 times and then evaluate your reflex speed.

PressureCooker by codemoose PressureCooker
by codemoose

Fill up your pressure cooker with the right ingredients before the time runs out!... I've gotta stop making games about cooking

Hyperdrive! by dollarone Hyperdrive!
by dollarone

It's rush hour in hyperspace and you must try to avoid the crazy onrushing traffic - in hyperdrive! (left/right to move, R to restart)

fanceOff by aurel300 fanceOff
by Aurel

=== fanceOff === = Controls = Arrow keys to move and DANCE Dance dance dance.

Super Rocket Monkey Go! by conrad123 Super Rocket Monkey Go!
by conrad123

Left and right arrows to move back and forth. up arrow to speed up. Hit speed reducers to slow down. Eat bananas or get to checkpoints to refresh energy. run out of energy or hit a red obstacle and lose!

Which Car is Fastest? by euske Which Car is Fastest?
by euske

Choose one with mouse.

Dodge and win by ishumadan91 Dodge and win
by ishumadan91

Get to the destination (in green), avoid the blocks. Pick up yellow diamonds to slow down the death wave

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