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124th One Hour Game Jam (09 Sep 2017)

Theme: Arcade
Started: 09 Sep 2017 at 20:00 (15 entries)
modern frogger or something, idk. by denneledoe modern frogger or something, idk.
by denneledoe

it's frogger, what else do you want to know.

Land perfect by kruton Land perfect
by kruton

land the craft pefectly. Prototype only three levels enjoy

generic space shooter thing by miracl3z generic space shooter thing
by miracl3z

meh ctrls: arrows+space

SpaceShooter by laguna SpaceShooter
by laguna

Shoot the Enemies. [WASD]/[Arrows] to move, [SPACE] to shoot Press [Enter] to start.

UnfinishedEpicAdventureShootEmUp by tharrod1 UnfinishedEpicAdventureShootEmUp
by tharrod1

Use "0" on the number pad to shoot, Enter to restart, arrow keys to move. avoid enemies and lava and stuff.

Twitch Space by sebastianscaini Twitch Space
by Sebastian Scaini

A Twitch integrated arcade game! Shoot the objects and don't get hit.

Moar Coins! by ludipe Moar Coins!
by ludipe

Simple arcade game where you must stop enemies before they get to the bottom of the screen. Shooting costs coins so you need to use your mouse (while moving and shooting) to keep adding ammo. A/D to move left and right. W to shoot. Mouse to pick coins and insert them. R to restart.

WackEmAll by xhine WackEmAll
by xhine

Wack, wack, wack!

by [Accidental Duplicate Account]


Shooter by ajayajayaj Shooter
by ajayajayaj

Shoot enemies, yay!

Lawn Mole-ing by mrdave Lawn Mole-ing
by mrdave

This is a mash up of our two favourite arcade games - dodgems and whack-a-mole Steer your dodgem to run over the moles as they pop up out of their holes.

Bad metaphor for chaos by aurel300 Bad metaphor for chaos
by Aurel

It's not easy to make a pinball game. :I

Demon Laser Blaster 3000 by phantom_lab Demon Laser Blaster 3000
by Phantom Lab

Just blast the fucking demons with the tank. No memes here.

The Quest For Polybius by puarsliburf The Quest For Polybius

Holy shit this took a while. You're on a quest to find the mythical Polybius arcade machine! (Look it up) control with arrow keys. Space fires a fireball on the square in front of you. bump into enemies to attack them. bump into doors to go through them. Red, green and blue doors will disappear when you get their respective keys. Pink doors are inns. Bunp into them to spend 20 gold ang get your health and magic back. The arcade machine controls with arrows and space. If you can't be arsed to play the entire game you can just press h to unlock the blue door and go straight for the ending. This is my 50th game! (Other platform is a map. Look at it.)

Shooting Revolution by raphitou Shooting Revolution
by Sheinxy

I did Everything I could

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