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125th One Hour Game Jam (16 Sep 2017)

Theme: Wizardry
Started: 16 Sep 2017 at 20:00 (21 entries)
Lazer Wizard by ehono1 Lazer Wizard
by ehono1

Don't get tackled.

Wizardry by laguna Wizardry
by laguna

You are a wizard seeking for fame, fortune and power. Console application.

Defend The Sanctuary (Works now!) by unid15 Defend The Sanctuary (Works now!)
by unid15

Protect the Magical Sanctuary from vile beasts using magic spells. Spells are cast by typing them out on a keyboard. Press backspace to cancel the current spell.

Princess vs Orc by timtips Princess vs Orc
by timtips

Do the right thing!

key mashing weezord by bonickhausen key mashing weezord
by bonickhausen


Orry Otter by DevilLime Orry Otter
by DevilLime

Experience pure hell.

Wizard in Trouble
by patient_zero

Press UP/DOWN keys to kill attacking monsters.

by ajayajayaj

Just a little testing of the unity UI system. How is this related to the theme you ask? Many movies portray hacking as wizardry or magic. Originally, this was gonna have more things, like an enhance button, but I ran out of time.

ADV I.V by Terracottafrog ADV I.V
by Terracottafrog


Felix Quest by PUARSLIBURF Felix Quest

Guide doodbert to the magical being known only as Felix. Move with the arrow keys. The pink orb is your health, the further to the right it is the more health you have. If it leaves the screen you die. The grey orb is your max health. Apples heal you to your max health. Bananas heal you and increase your max health. Monsters hurt you but go away when you touch them. Comes with a video walkthrough. This doesn't follow the theme in the slightest.

Installl by bro404 Installl
by bro404

Totaly fine suftwere installler ^^ yay

SorcerySupreme by xhine SorcerySupreme
by xhine

Defend the wizard's castle. W and D to move, f to shoot

Potion Clicker Maker by glack Potion Clicker Maker
by glack

All this game is about is to help a witch create her potion. To do that you need to click on the ingredients and fill up the cauldron. After you've done that you can proceed to stirr the ingredients into a potion. My name is Didrik and this is my first gamejam ever. My first idea didn't work so this game was created in 15 minutes. This was made using game maker studio 1.4.

Magicas quest by mojko Magicas quest
by mojko

Random generated dungeons Press R if u get stuck shoot with mouse button move with WASD

Magic.Wizard.Dildo.Disco. by  Phantom Lab Magic.Wizard.Dildo.Disco.
by Phantom Lab

To be honest, I don't know what to say. The title says it all. Just press the numbers 1-4 and have fun, if you can.

Wizardry: Follicles of Fantasy by sergiocornaga Wizardry: Follicles of Fantasy
by sergiocornaga

For two players.

No One Likes You Harry
by Sheinxy

Just, don't ask why

rgbwiz by Aurel rgbwiz
by Aurel

Defeat enemies with opposite colours!

Wizard Battle
by ivan

Run around and kill all the enemies. *currently your health doesn't do anything (the game isn't balanced, dying would be pretty easy) There are three different spells: fire, water and earth. When two spells of the same type collide, they both disappear. When different types collide, the stronger one destroys the weaker one. The strengths are: water > fire fire > earth earth > water Controls Move: WASD Aim/Fire: Mouse Change spell: 1, 2, 3

Wizard Fight by marcoelz Wizard Fight
by marcoelz

You are a Blue Wizard fighting a big Fire Monster summoned by a Red Wizard. CONTROLS: Move - ArrowKeys / WASD Attack - Z / Mouse (Left Button)

Some wizard fighting spiders on desert... or something. by ryzy27 Some wizard fighting spiders on desert... or something.
by ryzy27

LMB - shoot powerful magic stars WSAD - RUN!!! Good luck :)

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