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126th One Hour Game Jam (23 Sep 2017)

Theme: Run
Started: 23 Sep 2017 at 20:00 (17 Games)
generic escape the lava thingy by denneledoe generic escape the lava thingy
by denneledoe

this was made 2 hours in advance since iam busy tonight

Run from the zombies!
by stroopwafel

this is my first one hour game jam!

Run for Coins by laguna Run for Coins
by laguna

Run for coins while avoiding obstacles. Hammer Left/Right (or A/D) to gain speed. Jump with W or up.

Run at 3D by majami1233 Run at 3D
by majami1233

An endless 3D runner, try to get as far as you can

SKINRUN by aidanmarkham SKINRUN
by aidanmarkham

You run. You have skin. What more do you need to know. Music by Rowan Waring.

Run Reds by Terracottafrog Run Reds
by Terracottafrog

Run the red lights using the arrow keys.

Lava! RUN! by pebsie Lava! RUN!
by pebsie

Build a maze and run from the lava! Updated version of game soon, follow @Pebsiee on Twitter! Left click to create walls. Right click to remove walls. The red is where you start. The dark green is where you finish. When you press enter, lava will spew from the red. You need to navigate the maze QUICK or face death! Good luck! Post your best mazes to me, @Pebsiee. Will be making a v2 with level uploading and downloading soon!

Just Run! by marcoelz Just Run!
by marcoelz

Move around the map collecting the green objects while running from the red enemies. INSTRUCTIONS Move with WASD or Arrow Keys

Responsibility Run by ParttimeGod Responsibility Run
by ParttimeGod

Quick! Run from the responsibilities which are trying to catch you (and also getting quicker). Press [A] and [D] alternately to run. Play in 16:9 for full effect. (other aspect ratios are possible too) My highscore is 521.

jelly 'run'
by inkedsplat_

run as a jelly through a ... red area thing?

RunAway by glack RunAway
by glack

Just run... :D

Mad Dash by Zorb Mad Dash
by Zorb

Check description for how to play!

There There's no escape
by ryzy27

Avoid axes, get high score A, D - move left, right. space - jump

Naked Midnight Run by bro404 Naked Midnight Run
by bro404

I'm never drinking again...and it's probably because I'm gonna die here.

I I'm sad

Title has bugger all to do with the game itself but is an accurate description of my mood. Move with arrows, don't run off the thing. I've been at an amusement park the last two days and this was the last day. The idea was to end with us going on one last rollercoaster and then the rest of my family would go on the ferris wheel while I went back to the hotel to be in the jam. Now you might be wondering what this has to do with anything. Well... WHERE THE F*CK DO I BEGIN!? First of all the line for the rollercoaster took about 40 minutes (no biggie). But then I went home to participate, I finish the majority pf my game and decide to save. Gamemaker crashes from me pressing the f*cking save button. I lose all my progress. MOTHER APE ASS!!!!! Okay. This is fine. I can just make another game. GameMaker crashes again. At this point I'm getting pretty frustrated. On my third attempt I manage to make something. This thing. None of this has been very fun thus far but oh, it gets worse. My family comes home and immediately tell me that as soon as I left all of the lines to the rides in the park just sort of vanished (I guess I left at the same time as a lot of other people) and my family had a great time running about and going on whatever rides they wanted. I f*cking traded an evening of fun for an hour of pure frustration. Sorry for the tantrum but I just had to get this off my chest.

Running Block by leralasss Running Block
by leralasss

Running Block is an endless Platformer! Collect coins, use Abilities :D When you collect more than 1 coin in quick succession, you get a score multiplier! Jump with W / Up Arrow (can Double Jump) Use Abilities: S - Dash Down D - Dash to the Right E - Slow Time Q - Spawn a Platform under you

Trump the Zombies! by conrad123 Trump the Zombies!
by conrad123

Made for One Hour Game Jam Move the character with the mouse. Avoid zombies, or click to shoot them. Each zombie you shoot gets you a point. How far can you go before you succumb to the zombies?

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