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127th One Hour Game Jam (30 Sep 2017)

Theme: Never test your game
Started: 30 Sep 2017 at 20:00 (14 entries)
Mystery in the woods by PUARSLIBURF Mystery in the woods

This marks both the first game on my new computer and the first time I've had to re-record my intro in over a year. (Hint: it sounds awful) A 6 years old child sees a mysterious object crash in the woods and goes to investigate. Other platform is "Quest For A Better Theme" description: This is your standard maze game, but with a twist! This game... (Pause for effect) Has a crappy midi of the goosebumps theme playing in the background!

Space web by mark8 Space web
by mark8

It is not really a game.

It was supposed to fall by zeriver It was supposed to fall
by zeriver

Move around and that's all

The Goop by sergiocornaga The Goop
by sergiocornaga

One game, never played.

#2 Ninja by Terracottafrog #2 Ninja
by Terracottafrog

I didn't test this game and it was made in an hour god help me. It may not even start Stop teachers from making you take a test by throwing pencils at them.

Eat Healthy by team_citron_salé Eat Healthy
by team_citron_salé

Eat healthy ! It's important for body.

Pong-ish by ryzy27 Pong-ish
by ryzy27

I've not made pong yet, so I decided to do it today, because it's easy and fun... But it's not if you have to compile code and simulate physics in your head. Ball behaves funny sometimes, but no major errors as far as I can tell. I apologize for not including web build. Unity won't let me make it, and today I'm on my old laptop, so it takes a while to do anything.

Features Generator by marcoelz Features Generator
by marcoelz

Click the features! But watch out, there are a lot of bugs!!!

NeverBeforeTested by nayham NeverBeforeTested
by nayham

you will need to download this folder, then use the .exe with the folder in the same folder (make a folder and download both the .exe and the linked folder into it, then use the .exe to play).

Copy Bird by 26mato26 Copy Bird
by 26mato26

Just another copy of flappy bird made in roughly 1 hour.

point point 'n click nightmares
by Aurel

point 'n click shooter anyone?

The Deadline by dollarone The Deadline
by dollarone

Arrows to move/space to jump - get to your house!

MrFox&EdgeOfAbys by otso_turpeinen MrFox&EdgeOfAbys
by otso_turpeinen

Incomplete Hex Based Game.

UntestedRPG by laguna UntestedRPG
by laguna

Ok, so this was completely untested. I chose RPGMaker XP because you can hardly fail completely using it. You are a brave end motivated warrior and need to solve some quests for the king, the queen, a soldier and a mage in this small level. Controls are Arrows and [Space]. You need to install the RPG Maker XP Run Time Package, which you can download at http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/additional/run-time-packages (sorry for that)

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