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128th One Hour Game Jam (07 Oct 2017)

Theme: Chaos
Started: 07 Oct 2017 at 20:00 (16 entries)
Always Test Your JetPack by alvpter Always Test Your JetPack
by alvpter

This is for the 127 jam not the 128. I'm new I'm sorry. I don't know how to delete it. This is my first One Hour Game Jam. The game is about the importance of testing your jetpack before you use it. I think.

time constraint and the ogre of chaos by denneledoe time constraint and the ogre of chaos
by denneledoe

my first game made in RPG maker. move with arrow keys and spacebar. tip: don't forget to use magic abilities! Denneledoe and Laguna come equiped with them. (click magic, then the spell you want.) (i started 2 hours early, but i did keep a running clock to make sure i did it in under an hour)

Capture chaos by montyontherun Capture chaos
by montyontherun

You move the red cursor and must capture all chaotic particles (the gray squares) before the time runs out (the red bar). Chaos486 runs on DOS and requires a 386 machine with VGA (but it's tuned to 486's)

Bullet HeCK
by sniperninja564

A basic bullet heck.

Kitten administrator by dollarone Kitten administrator
by dollarone

You are the Kitten administrator. Don't lose sight of them!

by ajayajayaj

Unity default physics simulator :/

Overrun by wan Overrun
by wan

Don't get too confident. Dev high score: 2777 (TIP: release Space to cool down your weapon)

Puarslibot by PUARSLIBURF Puarslibot

This software will make all probrammers obsolete! Every time you launch it (or you press R) It automatically creates a brand new game! All games follow a simple "grab the coins and avoid the badguys" rule where you win if you grab all the coins. Warning: once you beat the first level the games become corrupted messes and to beat them you must know that if you press two arrow keys at the exact same time you can do this: https://imgur.com/gallery/Pit1l

Chaos everywhere by waligator Chaos everywhere
by waligator

Try to dodge all the random things as long as possible!

MrFox&DreamOfMayflies by otso_turpeinen MrFox&DreamOfMayflies
by otso_turpeinen

You die without the light. Try to survive as long as you can!​ Leaderboards do not work on WebGL version. Download windows version to participate! :D

chaos tower by Aurel chaos tower
by Aurel

click to drop blocks and that's it

Spread Chaos by sergiocornaga Spread Chaos
by sergiocornaga

Joy is passé.

The Butterfly Affects by Terracottafrog The Butterfly Affects
by Terracottafrog

Arrow keys and z to move and fire After hearing that the wingbeats of a butterfly can create hurricanes across the globe, the government has created a giant butterfly in order to control the weather. Fend off hurricanes to save the city, but be wary that careless wingbeats could spawn more hurricanes!

by ylivay

Red eats Green eats Blue eats Red eats Green eats Blue eats Red eats (Max stack depth reached...) Move with wasd/arrows, change colors every now and then with space or enter. Eat everyone.

Chaos Mystery by sorceress Chaos Mystery
by sorceress

Text Adventure

The Chaos Lord by laguna The Chaos Lord
by laguna

just a small game in RPG Maker VX

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