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129th One Hour Game Jam (14 Oct 2017)

Theme: More limbs than neccessary
Started: 14 Oct 2017 at 20:00 (12 entries)
Cat Stacker! by Mac Cat Stacker!
by Mac

Remember Yoshi on the NES? Yes? Great! Now you can play something very simmilar but with... cats! But they are kinda... Alright, just take a look yourself :'3

More limbs than necessary by frodewin More limbs than necessary
by frodewin

Just get the "thing" accross the gap. This game was made with Scratch.

Ragduel by Zorb Ragduel
by Zorb

Battle of hordes of debris to get to the legendary intense rage mode! Be the grumpy old man you were always meant to be!

Nuts by ppatenaude Nuts
by ppatenaude

Collect the acorn.

Buzz Keeper by laguna Buzz Keeper
by laguna

With your extraordinary body (multiple limbs) you are the only one able to manage a huge amount of bee hives at the same time. You need to look after each beehive by pressing the respective button once it starts flashing. To collect the precious Honey, click the hive with the mouse.

Do spiders really need 8 limbs? by ocktoboy Do spiders really need 8 limbs?
by ocktoboy

My first game jam ever! at least it's "playable". Press space to jump, try to avoid the red things

The Caterpillar by dollarone The Caterpillar
by dollarone

You are the caterpillar. Move with cursors. Eat stuff.

Soviet war
by norman

Read readme for info Play as a soviet "republic" in a war! Relalation to the title is that the bad guys have limbs and you have to beat them Also this version has no win or lose state

limboid by Aurel limboid
by Aurel

limboid limbicus

Combat Limbs! by PUARSLIBURF Combat Limbs!

Take control of Ivan Krempelkov, an evil scientist hellbent on collecting limbs for some reason. Move with the arrow keys, find people hiding in the grass and pit your limbs against theirs in a pokemon clone that quite frankly sucks. Press the spacebar to fight. No matter how many limbs you have there is always an exact 50% chance of winning every fight. People to fight are found in the grass (the checkered tiles). Walking back and forth on a single piece of grass won't give you any encounters. They are placed on random positions all over the very small world. Contains som mildly graphic content

Out on a Limb by Terracottafrog Out on a Limb
by Terracottafrog

Use arrow keys and wasd Enter to restart Every puzzle should be possible. It is possible to retract limbs, but not with a key press. Explore how limbs can interact, and how you can use different mechanics.

Cube by gg_team Cube
by gg_team

Drunk cube jumps and collect his legs

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