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Theme: Drops
October 21st 2017

16 Games

It drops by zeriver It drops
by zeriver

Lemmings kind of game. You only use mouse to affect environment and please ReadMe.txt. BONUS POINTS FOR UNITS SPLITS!

MrFox&SingingInTheRain by otso_turpeinen MrFox&SingingInTheRain
by otso_turpeinen

Don't get wet, While singing in the rain.

Raindrops by frodewin Raindrops
by frodewin

Simple game (not even sure if it is that) made with Scratch for the 1 hour game jam #130. I would like to say thanks for the Lily Sprite by @Samrya from Scratch under CC-BY-SA 3.0 and the soundtrack "Symbiosis" from Kevin MacLeod, Incompetech.com

3D Pachinko by zpeedtube 3D Pachinko
by zpeedtube

A simple atempt at 3D Pachinko. Did not have time to include a timer or something like that.. =/

Rainwater collector simulator by ocktoboy Rainwater collector simulator
by ocktoboy

Try to catch all the raindrops, but avoid the red ones. It gets more difficult every time you win.

Pumpkinhead by ppatenaude Pumpkinhead
by ppatenaude

Save your pumpkin friends from the darkness! Jump on the darkness to free your friends.

Snuzza by sergiocornaga Snuzza
by sergiocornaga


tetristhing by Aurel tetristhing
by Aurel

drop things sideways

CatchIt! by FabiClawZ CatchIt!
by FabiClawZ

You run around trying to catch the falling things and then get the highest score possible after 5 Minutes

World destructor 3000 by t0m World destructor 3000
by t0m

A very poor game made for OHGJ #130. If you ask yourself who is the lady in bikini, she's Kim Jung Un...

Drop the Drop! by mittagskogel Drop the Drop!
by mittagskogel

Drop the gumdrop through the endless tunnel using your arrow keys. Make sure the candy doesn't get stuck to the barriers! Gumdrop sprite by Steve @ https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Glowing_gumdrops.jpg

Splat! by SomethinBoutGames Splat!
by SomethinBoutGames

WASD to move. L to drop. Splat!

Redmund Redmund's caverns

A game where Redmund drops into a cavern and has to fight his way out with a RAINBOW GUN (patent pending). move with arrows, shoot with space. There can only be one shot at a time. H skips levels. You can only carry one key at a time. Featuring an amazing title theme by Aquagon, sadly it didn't wind up fitting with the actual gameplay so it only plays on the title screen. I am terribly sorry for the third level.

Mannequinko by GiraffeCat Mannequinko
by GiraffeCat

Hit as many pegs as you can on your way down! Left + Right to Move. Space to Jump. Escape to Quit!

Rain by guiguigui Rain
by guiguigui

Don't get hit by the drops

Drop in Ground by samvid Drop in Ground
by samvid

It's a platformer game, you can move Left/Right with 'Arrow keys', 'Space Bar' to Fire the bullets and 'Z' key to drop in the Ground. If you get hit by the Enemy(White Boxes) you will lose your life. Be aware! Bullets are really limited when you hide inside the Ground you will get Bullets but you will also lose your life. The winning flag is on the right side!! Have fun...Love to hear more feedback.

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