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Theme: Halloween
October 28th 2017

11 Games

halloween dressup by denneledoe halloween dressup
by denneledoe

drag around the hats and moustaches (includes a hitler stache because iam an imature CHILD) and dressup this cute stick figure! (spazzes out when you try to drag, that's something i couldn't fix in time) FEATURING: many bugs like failing hitboxes, but wait, there is more! you can drag multiple items at the same time making a complete F*cking mess!

by aidanmarkham

Scare people with ur skin.

Catacombs by PUARSLIBURF Catacombs

Warning: this game can actually be pretty scary! I just took the theme as an excuse to make a horror game. Other than that this has very little to do with the theme. You're stuck in some catacombs and there are things chasing you. What are they? How did you get here? my guess is that someone laced your candy with some weird stuff and you're actually laying face down on the sidewalk passed out at the moment. Control with arrow keys. I highly recommend using a timer to get some form of score of how long you survive.

MrFox &Pumpkin Panic by otso_turpeinen MrFox &Pumpkin Panic
by otso_turpeinen

Avoid the rain of pumpkins.

spoopy pumpkin carving simulator by Aurel spoopy pumpkin carving simulator
by Aurel


Graveyard Survival by Mirakos Graveyard Survival
by Mirakos

You are a scared Pumpkin and you need to survive as long as you can on GRAVEYARD ISLAND

by Terracottafrog


Trick Trick'r'Treater VR
by ecnassianer

The Trick'r'Treaters are coming for you! Throw candy at them to slow them down (left click). Try to stay away from them! "Other Platform" is the VR version, windows is the Non-VR version

Pumpkin Quest by whenbellstoll Pumpkin Quest
by whenbellstoll

A short little runner with a cute plot, just in time for Halloween

Costumes by laguna Costumes
by laguna

Costumes is a fast paced puzzle game. Close to Halloween lot's of children want to have nice costumes. And they need your help to get those costumes fixed in time for "tricks or treads". Press [W], [E] and [X], [C] to change the top and bottom parts of the costumes and match the center part.

Spoopy Ghost Tycoon
by DevilLime

Find jobs for your local spoopy ghosts

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