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Theme: Rhythm game
November 4th 2017

15 Games

Oscilliate by jasonify Oscilliate
by jasonify

Move away from the evil little squares.

guitar villain  (get it?) by denneledoe guitar villain (get it?)
by denneledoe

guitar hero clone, you know what to do.

The Arrows Game by theblueman003 The Arrows Game
by theblueman003

press the corresponding key before the arrow icon leaves the screen

SKINSKIP by aidanmarkham SKINSKIP
by aidanmarkham

You have skin. You skip. What more do you need to know?

Rhythm Miner by frodewin Rhythm Miner
by frodewin

Move your player by pressing the cursor keys to the rhythm of the music. Gather diamonds, avoid getting bitten by cobras or hit by falling rocks or diamonds. Once you have collected enough diamonds find the exit door before time runs out. Thanks to Boulder Dash for the idea! Thanks to niethammer and his boulder dash project for the rock, diamond, door and player graphics and the movement sounds. Acknowledgments to clker.com for the cobra and freesound.org for the following sounds (under Creative Commons license): "success" by grunz, "level-complete" by jivatma07 and "lifelost" by noirenex. The awesome beat is "Voice Over Under" from Kevin MacLeod under Creative Commons License. This game was made with Scratch and is played via the sulfurous player. It is based upon a previous game I made without rhythm control.

Recorder Hero by matthewse19 Recorder Hero
by matthewse19

Like Guitar Hero, but there's a recorder, and no music.

Jeroenmachine by sergiocornaga Jeroenmachine
by sergiocornaga

Fun with "Rubicon" by Jeroen Tel (copyright 1991 21st Century Entertainment)

Praeludium by crazymatt Praeludium
by crazymatt


Dodge the Note by nickidebruyn Dodge the Note
by nickidebruyn

Use your arrow keys to jump left or right and dodge the falling music notes. Progress and unlock extra beats. 2 Beats to unlock.

Dancing Banana by Macoron Dancing Banana
by Macoron

Use arrow keys for control

Rhythm TAP
by steven pinto

Go with the rhythm and don't miss a beat :) - My high score 10!

Redmund Redmund's Super Dance Off!

Redmund is dancing! Help him dance! Basic DDR clone, control by pressing A, S, D and F to the beat. Holding different keys during startup will give you different songs to dance to: A - I'm Sorry, B - Flight of the bumblebees and D - The Tintin theme. Holding nothing will give you the Rawhide theme (which is the easiest song).

jkl basicest by Aurel jkl basicest
by Aurel

jkl to hit notes

Robo-Rythm by Terracottafrog Robo-Rythm
by Terracottafrog

​Use arrow keys to move. Collect all of the coins to unlock the exit. You can move diagonally. Use this to your advantage. There are also a number of quirks with the movement of the player and the enemies. Use them to your advantage.

Rhythmopolis by laguna Rhythmopolis
by laguna

A rhythm game with two songs and different control schemes.

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