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133rd One Hour Game Jam (11 Nov 2017)

Theme: Defense!
Started: 11 Nov 2017 at 20:00 (12 entries)
Wall Defense by leralasss Wall Defense
by leralasss

Protect the Wall from the evil Monster as long as you can! Move with WASD or Arrow Keys to destroy the Projectiles

Keyboard Defender by theras Keyboard Defender
by theras

Press a key to fire at a specific location. Don't let your nice green guys die! Please chose a 16:9 resolution setting... :)

TNT Defender by theblueman003 TNT Defender
by theblueman003

Move your mouse to defend the TNT. My high score 53.

by aidanmarkham

You have skin. You're under siege. What more do you need to know? Controls: WASD + Space

Guard Duty by acr515 Guard Duty
by acr515

You are but a lowly guard, tasked with defending your base's wall. But the wall is under attack! Use your trusty pistol to fend off the attackers!

Space Defender by frodewin Space Defender
by frodewin

Is it Space Invaders? Pong? Or M.A.D? Can't say, but it is definitely not a novel idea ;-)

Defend the Planet! by divineomega Defend the Planet!
by DivineOmega

Defend the planet with shields. Use the arrow keys

Defend the ugly houses from the huge oranges. by ocktoboy Defend the ugly houses from the huge oranges.
by ocktoboy

Draw lines with the mouse to stop the oranges from hitting the houses. Press R to restart. press Alt-F4 to quit.

Defense Against Crusaders! by laguna Defense Against Crusaders!
by laguna

Defend your castle against attacking crusaders by upgrading your towers and the castle. Just click them with the left mouse button. Space to start.

oh no, monsters are attacking my castle! by aurel300 oh no, monsters are attacking my castle!
by Aurel

home alone princess

Katana Master by veno501 Katana Master
by veno501

Unleash your inner combo ninja. Deflect the training bots' attacks. Make Sensei proud.

Takka Takka Takka by daemonarchy Takka Takka Takka
by daemonarchy

Type the words above the heads of your enemies to slay them. Case sensitive! F2 to restart (or just refresh your browser I guess)

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