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134th One Hour Game Jam (18 Nov 2017)

Theme: Forest
Started: 18 Nov 2017 at 20:00 (10 Games)
Woodcutter by laguna Woodcutter
by laguna

Manage a woodcutting company through the cold winters of the early twentieth century. This is a console strategy game written in c++.

Save Forest by jeanclg Save Forest
by jeanclg

You have to save the forest picking all grenades in scene.

Axe the Tree by Mirakos Axe the Tree
by Mirakos

Click the hit the tree with your axe when it is above a cut

Regrowth by theblueman003 Regrowth
by theblueman003

The earth needs forest! Water the trees and put fertilizer on them! Be careful to not give them too much of water. Change tool with the mouse wheel. Left click to use your tool.

Protect The Forest
by v1d3o

You are the God of the Ancient forest of time. Protect it at all costs against evil red sphere minions!

Forest Grow! by DivineOmega Forest Grow!
by DivineOmega

Grow your forest by hovering over the trees. Your score increases faster, the larger grown your forest is.

girl at the end of the trie by Aurel girl at the end of the trie
by Aurel

never-ending chase

Flatwoods by PUARSLIBURF Flatwoods

Creative title, isn't it? I swear to god I am mentally incapable of making any other alien designs than the flatwoods monster. Your spaceship has crashed and exploded into 32 pieces, you have to find them. Of course the explosion woke up everyone in a 10 mile radius and now most of the population is looking for you and if they catch you they'll probably strap you to some weird device and poke around in your innards which would be highly unpleasant so, you know, don't get caught. This was supposed to be a sequel/prequel to my ohgj 124 (I think) game (The one with the kid looking for aliens) but I didn't have the time to implement it.

Harry Gathers Wood by flamingfossa Harry Gathers Wood
by flamingfossa

The goal is to avoid the logs and vines while collecting firewood. The game is an infinite runner. WARNING: The music might be loud, I didn't mess with the levels so get ready to turn down the sound. Controls: [UP] or [SPACE] to jump. [DOWN], [SHIFT] or [CONTROL] to crouch.

Forest Trek by sorceress Forest Trek
by sorceress

Can you survive for 7 days in the woods?

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