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Theme: Space
November 25th 2017

19 Games

Espace Avarie by frodewin Espace Avarie
by frodewin

Find the exit from your wrecked space ship. This game was made with Bitsy (https://ledoux.itch.io/bitsy). Music from Kevin MacLeod (Incompetech.com) under CC-BY 3.0.

Space is cold and empty by Phoenix849 Space is cold and empty
by Phoenix849

Controls: WASD or ARROWS and SPACE. ESC to quit.

Photon by theblueman003 Photon
by theblueman003

You are a photon and you have to reach the earth. Avoid asteroid by moving up and down.

Clearing Space
by Sebastian Scaini

It's not even a game. Sorry.

Space by flamingfossa Space
by flamingfossa

Ultimately, relaxing. Use [SPACE] to switch where you are in space. Use [ESCAPE] to escape this endless torment. Use [R] to reset the game and to possibly change the music.

Meteor Score by jeanclg Meteor Score
by jeanclg

A and D for movement and Click on meteor for score and click the Star for clean the screen.

Spice by cakeeatergames.ru Spice
by cakeeatergames.ru

This was a very interesting experience... it is 3-4 AM and we are making a game about flying in space while controling space and pressing space... This is even a coop entery. It was made by caxapexac and me

I Need More Space by aphid98 I Need More Space
by aphid98

In this game you are a man who desperately needs to clean his room. pickup and throw away as many pieces of trash as you can before the timer runs out!

Lazer Shooter by leralasss Lazer Shooter
by leralasss

Move with Left Mouse Click. Shoot with Right Mouse. Scroll with Mouse Wheel. Shoot the Enemies and avoid the Asteroids! Sorry for late entry, tried to upload for half an hour

spacetrucks by Aurel spacetrucks
by Aurel

lights on

Arnold vs. the Space Commies! by PUARSLIBURF Arnold vs. the Space Commies!

A huge army of space communists have been spotted headed straight for Earth and, more importantly, AMERICA! Being the true patriot he is, Arnold rushes towards them in a spaceship made from pure FREEDOM! Why is he named Arnold? Well... I blame that Predator is being re-released in theaters here in a few weeks. This is the spiritual successor to PUARSLIBURF simulator, one of my proudest OHGJ moments. Just shoot the commies with space and don't die.

The Box by aidanmarkham The Box
by aidanmarkham

I decided to change it up for this jam, and made a text based twine game.

Space colony
by norman

Unfinished game inspired by rimworld. CONTROLS F select farm for construction H select house for construction S make soldier W select workshop for construction left click make what you have selected right click make turret (useless currently) protips: farms expand automatically, so only build one houses make your guys workshops are where your guys bring stuff i couldnt get gamemaker to write numbers

I Don I Don't Wanna Be The Red Guy
by sergiocornaga

Y'know, I take personal space preeetty seriously. Arrow Keys + Space.

Alien Ravasion by Kombiice Alien Ravasion
by Kombiice

1 hour is less than you think. Skype: KombisIce Kombiice, Marvin S.

Target Practice by dollarone Target Practice
by dollarone

You are Cpt Squeemo of the Intergalactic Shooting Company. You're getting some target practice by playing this space shooter simulator.

I I'm Really Fed Up With Space Themes
by euske

Please be creative on theme.

by raz1789

A WebGL game where the objective is to help Space Ranger Roger, who has just landed on the alien planet, reach his base.

SpaceShooterX by laguna SpaceShooterX
by laguna

Shoot down enemy spacecrafts. Shoot with Space, A/D or arrows to move.

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