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136th One Hour Game Jam (02 Dec 2017)

Theme: The more you have, the worse it is
Started: 02 Dec 2017 at 20:00 (10 Games)
Redmund Redmund's bugger offer

Redmund's shooting at nothing! Sadly he lives in a world where things wrap around the screen and now has to dodge his own bullets. He laso lives on a file on my computer called "engineer smallface.png". Your score is the amount of bullets you fire before you die. Control with WASD and mouse. This was my secondary LD idea.

Non-Haver by averytacticalsausage Non-Haver
by averytacticalsausage

Racing game with speed increasing mines, whenyou hit a mine, your maximum speed increases, making it harder, and worse. Make 5 laps to win.

SKINBIG by aidanmarkham SKINBIG
by aidanmarkham

You have skin. You get big. What more do you need to know?

More Balls by Mirakos More Balls
by Mirakos

Move the balls with your mouse and don't let them touch each other!

Low Heart by Bigaston Low Heart
by Bigaston

You have to survive 1 minutes and have the lovest heart number. But if your heart number arrived to 0, you died; and if you have more than 5 heart, you loose to.

burglar.bmp by wan burglar.bmp
by wan

It's not a bug, it's, like, your opinion dude

Archer Archer's Defense
by laguna

Defend against Enemies with your archer's turrets.

Type No More by Aviv871 Type No More
by Aviv871

Don't let the letters add up! Type them as fast as possible before it is too late.

Sugar Story by aalves Sugar Story
by aalves

Avoid getting full of sugar, it's a dangerous world out there. Play with WASD or Arrow Keys

Stop the pimples by ocktoboy Stop the pimples
by ocktoboy

Today i present a "non-game" with beautiful graphics made in the drawing software we all love. Use your mouse to remove the pimples before they cover your whole face.

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