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137th One Hour Game Jam (09 Dec 2017)

Theme: Fire
Started: 09 Dec 2017 at 20:00 (20 entries)
by chicken evelop

Game best

Under Fire by Sebastian Scaini Under Fire
by Sebastian Scaini

You've come under fire, so fire everyone else to avoid being fired.

Water Spirit by j4y Water Spirit
by j4y

You are the water spirit - extinguish the fire flames before they come behind or hit you! Use the left and right arrow keys to move. Use the up arrow to shoot the water drops.

Fire Simulator by tatsuhirodaiki Fire Simulator
by tatsuhirodaiki


Bad Mario by laguna Bad Mario
by laguna

Mario has eaten his dangerous fire blossom. You (a poor goomba) need to avoid the shots. use Arrows or ADW.

by aidanmarkham

You're on fire. You have skin. What more do you need to know?

WhakAfuse by tomgon3d WhakAfuse
by tomgon3d

Extinguish the fuses before everything blows! Made with game maker. Buggy!

Fire Strategie by Bigaston Fire Strategie
by Bigaston

In this game you have to keep this little fire alive.

BoyScout by dayn9 BoyScout
by dayn9

Keep the fire going by giving it wood

BoxFire by samcatamaran BoxFire
by samcatamaran

Spam the space bar to fuel the fire and alight the target!

Safe the flumphs
by hellowpixl

Click to remove the Fire and safe the flumphs!

The Fire of Battle by inertia The Fire of Battle
by inertia

Click on the cannon when it's ready. Kill your enemies.

Plaque Attaque by petipois Plaque Attaque
by petipois

Press Ctrl to fire the toothpaste and Stop plaque from plaguing the mouth

Arcane Plane by leralasss Arcane Plane
by leralasss

You are a lone Fire Elemental on the Arcane Plane. Defend yourself against the other Elementals! Move with WASD/Arrow Keys and Shoot with Mouse

KeepTheFireAlive by pedrohb88 KeepTheFireAlive
by pedrohb88

Do not let the fire go out.

you you're fired
by Aurel

you have an urge to bah, but the boss might suspect you are a sheep. distract him by working hard.

Prometheus by URM Prometheus
by URM

Help an AI to figure out how to activate the SprinklerBot 3000 before the space station is destroyed in a fire


You are a young flumph sorcerer and you have been given a quest by the amazing MERFLUMPH (It's like Merlin but a flumph)! The great FIREFLUMPH has vanished and it's your job to find him. control with arrow keys. Bumb into the evil pale flumphs to attack them or press space to unleash a magic poof of DOOM!(TM) The magic poof of DOOM(TM) has a 3 second cooldown. In the beginning of the game you hae to input how many randomly generated levels you want the game to have. Oh yeah, this is my attempt at a one hour roguelike. Your character has a randomized colour, start HP and attack strength.

A dumb script because I forgot about the jam
by Terracottafrog

Copy the script into the console and click on things to light them on fire. woohoo its bad

Matches by hangarter Matches
by hangarter

This is a small puzzle game with matches made for One Hour Game Jam #137 Please tell me what you think of the idea! There are 25 levels in total and four different flames with several combinations.

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