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Theme: Snow
December 16th 2017

17 Games

The kid in the snow by kanatos The kid in the snow
by kanatos

A game made in Javascript with Phaser Framework.

Invasion of the snow spiders by unid16 Invasion of the snow spiders
by unid16

Snow spiders are invading the ice realm, and you must build snowmen to stop them!

Snowhill Slide by doomista Snowhill Slide
by doomista

Endless runner game. Pickup coins and evade trees. Made in C++ with SFML.

Snowman Builder by Bigaston Snowman Builder
by Bigaston

In this game, you can customize your own snowman

SKINSKI by aidanmarkham SKINSKI
by aidanmarkham

You have skin. You ski. What more do you need to know?

Shadow of the Snowman by Aurel Shadow of the Snowman
by Aurel

will you face the shadow? can you defeat your inner foe? how will you know the snow? (it's a poem? I don't know)

DIY Snowman by theras DIY Snowman
by theras

Build a Snowman. Use A&D keys to roll around!

Down the hill
by theblueman003

Press up to jump. Collect coins.

Idle Snowflakes by laguna Idle Snowflakes
by laguna

Create a blooming empire based on snow. Controls: Mouse, AD/ Arrows

Redmund Redmund's Snowball Star Wars

I'm too tired to think of a better title, okay? Redmund's fighting some of them space aliens that don't like water. It also happens to be the one day a year that southern Sweden gets snow so the only way to make 'em bugger off is to throw snowballs at 'em. He's also drawn slightly differently this time as I'm getting sick of his old design, he also has a wooly hat. WASD to move, space to throw snowballs. If you run off the screen you come out the other side. The game is infinite, with the level just restarting with random enemy placements when you kill everything. Don't play this untill I get to the stream.

Fragile Snowman by ocktoboy Fragile Snowman
by ocktoboy

click to throw snowballs at the snowmen ( is it called that?)

Snow Play by vesta Snow Play
by vesta

You are the playful golden orb, playing among the snowflakes. Bump into each of the snowflakes six times to turn them all green.

Snow Bowl by theharlander Snow Bowl
by theharlander

Play as a snowball on a mad dash to the finish. Try and hit as many Snow men as you can!

Snowman Shooter
by conrad123

Move with WASD, shoot with arrow keys. didn't get this done in time for stream but that doesn't matter.

What do you mean "I What do you mean "I'm late"?
by Sheinxy

Blue: A/Q = Left D = Right Z = Jump S = Throw Snowball Red: Left = Left Right = Right Up = Jump Down = Throw Snowball

Snowman Slide by aalves Snowman Slide
by aalves

Press Space to Jump Don't let the snowman's parts fall

Speed Skiiing by euske Speed Skiiing
by euske

Make it last.

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