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140th One Hour Game Jam (30 Dec 2017)

Theme: Up
Started: 30 Dec 2017 at 20:00 (16 entries)
jUmPr by boltkey jUmPr
by boltkey

Jump up to survive lava and gain score. Press and hold up arrow to charge your jump.

Which Way is Up? by Sebastian Scaini Which Way is Up?
by Sebastian Scaini

Which way is up now?

Boom by laguna Boom
by laguna

Press [Space] to shoot a rocket

Baloon by marcelojunqueira Baloon
by marcelojunqueira

A Baloon Trying to go up

The floor is lava by zeriver The floor is lava
by zeriver

The floor is lava. And it goes up. And should you too. WASD controls

Island in the Sky by frodewin Island in the Sky
by frodewin

Steer your hot air balloon with up/down keys to find the floating island in the sky and land there - can it get more exciting than this? This game was made with Scratch and is presented using the sulfurous player. Floating island designs by @8161056, @Pyroaura and @_NightFury_

We float by otso_turpeinen We float
by otso_turpeinen

Click to attach balloons.

Jumper by aalves Jumper
by aalves

This theme was hard

Number upper
by norman

Game. Defend base from skelefellows. Nothing hidden if you get to 10,000,000 points, I swear. Also not a horror game

the eldritch walker beast by Aurel the eldritch walker beast
by Aurel

aaaah, it's so scary!

Ascending Defender by sheltered_shrine Ascending Defender
by sheltered_shrine

You are a hot air balloon. Destroy those who dare to fly higher than you. Song is Airship Serenity by Kevin Macleod

GambleTower by Doomseer GambleTower
by Doomseer

Explore the tower and collect as much gold as possible. Roll the dice and accumulate the highest total roll before moving UP to the next floor. Beware, if you roll 12 or higher, you will leave the tower with nothing!

become as clouds by mrboyfriend become as clouds
by mrboyfriend

Things below are bad. Maybe above is better?

Thewitter(Website & App)
by mantlair

Try to make #ohgj most trending topic on Thewitter. Web version by Corupta, Standalone version by Mantlair. We both liked the idea and did separate projects for fun. (Downloads on web page.)

Epic Stacking Simulator
by conrad123

Yes I'm a bit late. Yes, I had to leave in the middle of the jam. Yes, the score text somehow disappeared. No, I am not leaving without submitting. (This was my idea for Ludum Dare 40 but we didn't use it. I suggested the theme Up so I could try it out.)

Metal Maze Upwards by aries Metal Maze Upwards
by aries

An upwards maze where you have to score more by collecting coins and you have got just 3 lives. AIM - To help your player to reach the Space Capsule, which is present at the top of the maze. P.S. This is my first ever game. I hope you guys will enjoy it. Criticisms are welcome about my game.

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