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141st One Hour Game Jam (06 Jan 2018)

Theme: From point A to point B
Started: 06 Jan 2018 at 20:00 (21 entries)
A2B by agentgjs A2B
by agentgjs

You move the white block to the B.

Go forth by princemarioone Go forth
by princemarioone

Play as an orc going forth

3 2 1 by sheltered_shrine 3 2 1
by sheltered_shrine

Get from point a to b in 3. Press F to adjust screen size, Move with arrows or wasd, and press R to restart, if you lose.

Aye to Bee by pekuja Aye to Bee
by pekuja

Help Fonz escape the ever increasing swarm of bees

Rush Point B by frodewin Rush Point B
by frodewin

Just rush to point B, what is more to say? This game was made with Scratch and is powered by the Sulfurous Player. Thanks to windsurftweeds for the 3D platforms, background music "8-bit" by Dark Helmetz under Creative Commons, falling sound from Freesound.org. Character by me based on @sigton's design.

Broken Bridge by laguna Broken Bridge
by laguna

The bridge is broken and you need to fix it. Build it with basic blocks. Use Mouse to spawn blocks. Press Space to start the Train.

Up, up and away! by dollarone Up, up and away!
by dollarone

Get from A to B! Repeatedly.

Pathventure by theras Pathventure
by theras

Just follow the path and evreything will be fine!

Rush by Bigaston Rush
by Bigaston

Rush to the green line

Granny kicks ass by happyturtle Granny kicks ass
by happyturtle

Granny is grumpy. Red Riding Hood did not show up to bring her cake and wine! Made with RPG boss and assets only from within the engine. Sometimes when I tested I could not finish the game because my way was blocked and I could not find out why :-/ I hope it does not occur anymore.

Bathroom by ninjaphil3 Bathroom
by ninjaphil3

You really need to pee and you have a minute to reach the bathroom before you explode.

To train station B ! by ali8888 To train station B !
by ali8888

You don't have much time, you're running in a train, avoid the obstacles to survive by jumping, the longer you survive, the high your score gets !

chess to point B by Aurel chess to point B
by Aurel

caution: thinking game

Straight Ahead by 43sam Straight Ahead
by 43sam

Get the door without dieing

A2B2A2B2A2B2A2B2A by ParttimeGod A2B2A2B2A2B2A2B2A
by ParttimeGod

WASD to add force, dont crash into walls, move from a to b to a to b to a to b to a to b.....

Point A Launcher by aalves Point A Launcher
by aalves

Happy New Year Everyone!

Innovative Transportation
by conrad123

There's no restart button on the game, suggest that the streamer doesn't play it. Hold down space to rotate the gondala, release space to release it. Try to get your gondala in the green zone.

Death Marathon
by Terracottafrog

Bash people into walls to win!

Spin Cycle by SomethinBoutGames Spin Cycle
by SomethinBoutGames

Spacebar to launch, R to replay.

velo vers by sorceress velo vers
by sorceress

jeu avec vers et velos. tu est le ver rouge.

Lineful by euske Lineful
by euske

Draw a line!

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