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142nd One Hour Game Jam (13 Jan 2018)

Theme: Submerged
Started: 13 Jan 2018 at 20:00 (15 Games)
Desert Agent by laguna Desert Agent
by laguna

You are the royal spy in Ethiopia. Your cover was blown. You need to get through the hostile city to your next safehouse before the enemy soldiers locate you!

Fish Out of Water by Sebastian Scaini Fish Out of Water
by Sebastian Scaini

Press space to save a life.

School of Fish by chaseplays School of Fish
by chaseplays

A game about a fish trying not to be killed by fish.

Submarine crazy by magonx Submarine crazy
by magonx

Try to dodge the torpedos! The controls are very hard to increase the difficulty :) Click in the screen to move the submarine :D

The submerged bombs by ali8888 The submerged bombs
by ali8888

You're a fish, you have to survive the bombs as long as possible, you have a fish opponent. First who dies, loses.

Sbubbymarine by denneledoe Sbubbymarine
by denneledoe

get the treasure chests before your oxygen runs out! (you can regain oxygen if you surface)

flappy sub by Aurel flappy sub
by Aurel

flap flap flappy sub sub subby

Fish. by PUARSLIBURF Fish.

You're a fish. Do fish things with the arrow keys. Not much to do since I wasted too much time writing a "physics" engine.

Submarine adventure by katuiche Submarine adventure
by katuiche

Submerge to the deeps of the sea to get the treasure Mouse right commands the submarine Mouse left holds the treasure middle mouse/space turn lights on/off

Treasure Diver by KayZ Treasure Diver
by KayZ

Dive to secure treasures and bring them back to your boat. No menu and no enemies :(. So no end, only eternal diving.

Fortune Fishing by Doomseer Fortune Fishing
by Doomseer

Fish your way to fame and fortune. With enough success and experience you may even be able to obtain the fabled fishing rod of legend!

Drown by alvpter Drown
by alvpter

You are about to die drowned. The sea is dangerous, remember to stay calm and make synchronized movements. Press space to swim and survive.

Raindrop Forest by conrad123 Raindrop Forest
by conrad123

Press Space to jump over trees. You run out of water while you are in the air, and you lose water even quicker when you jump. Get in puddles to regain water.

Don Don't Get Submerged
by bakken

Jump to dodge the waves. Use W, X, Up, or Space.

Submarins by Bigaston Submarins
by Bigaston

Go deeper with your Yellow Submarins!

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