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144th One Hour Game Jam (27 Jan 2018)

Theme: Time Travel
Started: 27 Jan 2018 at 20:00 (9 Games)
Time Traveller by laguna Time Traveller
by laguna

This is a basic platformer. With the twist that you can rewind time and interact with your last playthrough. WAD/Arrows to move. [RETURN] to rewind time. [Space] to start.

Snapshot of time
by mwarw

You are prisoned in single snapshot of time, but you can manipulate witch one, so basically you can Travel in Time

SKINTRIP by aidanmarkham SKINTRIP
by aidanmarkham

You have skin, you go on a trip, what more do you need to know?

GO MARTY! by Bigaston GO MARTY!
by Bigaston


Adult or kid? by teoet6 Adult or kid?
by teoet6

Change your age.

Separated by frodewin Separated
by frodewin

Imaging that you live in the future with awesome technology, even time machines, but then you cant's see your beloved one because of a road problem... Game made with bitsy from Adam Le Doux

A block in time by deltanomnom A block in time
by deltanomnom

Control with the arrowkeys. It's a block traveling throug time by warpholes. It's the stone age with bones, ancient rome, the european dark age, no present tim cause it's booring, and the FUTURE! Get to the warpholes!

Old Man Henderson: the Time Travel Diaries by PUARSLIBURF Old Man Henderson: the Time Travel Diaries

Old man Henderson has smoked another page from the necronomicon, stolen a time machine and traveled back in time to kill the first ever muckle darn cultists before they could ever steal his wee men (Lawn Gnomes)! Control with arrow keys, Z and X. This took faaaaaar too long to make.

Bomb Defuser by let-off-studios Bomb Defuser
by let-off-studios

Click the wires in the proper order to defuse the bombs and save lives. Windows only.

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