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145th One Hour Game Jam (03 Feb 2018)

Theme: Frogs
Started: 03 Feb 2018 at 20:00 (16 entries)
Froggy Man by averytacticalsausage Froggy Man
by averytacticalsausage

You're a frog, get the flies within the time limit. Im sorry if the graphics make your eyes bleed.

Hungry Frog by Sebastian Scaini Hungry Frog
by Sebastian Scaini

Catch the flies. Eat the flies.

Singing Frogs by laguna Singing Frogs
by laguna

Make some awesome tunes. Press the buttons above the frogs to make some sounds.

by aidanmarkham

You're an amphibian. You have skin. What more do you need to know?

WoFrog by urnamed32 WoFrog
by urnamed32

First entry with an 3D game. Will definitely continue making 3D since it felt more fun to me. I hope everything in the game works. I wanted to make a main menu and a reward for completing the game but i wanted to stay in the 1 hour mark. Hope you have fun!

climbFrog by waffle99 climbFrog
by waffle99

a and d to move. r to restart

Frogs by igorrogi Frogs
by igorrogi

Frogs :p

French Cooker by Bigaston French Cooker
by Bigaston

Do you want to be a french cooker?

FroggyJumps by tombuston FroggyJumps
by tombuston

A puzzle plateformer with a frog.

The frog that can jump because he is a frog and frogs do those things by katuiche The frog that can jump because he is a frog and frogs do those things
by katuiche

You are a frog, Jump the furthest you can. Be carefull with the fish. Space jump, up and down controlls you in mid air

Frog by rawbit Frog
by rawbit

Stop the flies from landing.

A day at the pond by frodewin A day at the pond
by frodewin

Get the frog from one water lily to the next one. But be careful, the frog can't swim :-) Made in Scratch using Sulfurous as html5 Player.

Flycatcher by chaseplays Flycatcher
by chaseplays

a late game with no objective and lots of bugs in many ways.

Frog Feast by mymadnessworks Frog Feast
by mymadnessworks

Destroy your opponent by rushing towards him! Player 1 moves with WASD Player 2 moves with IJKL Made by Revolab and MyMadnessWorks

frog king by Aurel frog king
by Aurel

there can only be one

School of Frogs by let-off-studios School of Frogs
by let-off-studios

Guide all your frog eggs through their life cycle, and earn points along the way. Windows only.

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