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146th One Hour Game Jam (10 Feb 2018)

Theme: 10 seconds
Started: 10 Feb 2018 at 20:00 (22 Games)
chumchum by megaeggz chumchum
by megaeggz

its so dumb

Forgetful Bill by bradur Forgetful Bill
by bradur

Bill is a ball but a forgetful ball he is; help Bill find his home. Bill lives his life 10 seconds at a time, and when those 10 seconds are up he returns to the last nice spot he remembers. Also, Bill can only see close to his latest nice spot, he can not see around him.

Father Father's Watch
by m2tias

You were curious about how watches work and dismantled dad's watch. Quickly fix it before he wakes up. His alarm clock is goes off in 10 seconds!

by aidanmarkham

You have skin. You swipe stuff. What more do you need to know?

10 Seconds Reflex by urnamed32 10 Seconds Reflex
by urnamed32

PLEASE PLAY IN 1920x1080!! or 16.9 You have 10 seconds to get the highest score. Click on each shape as fast as you can. This game can even increase your reflexes. Shape sizes, speed, colors is different every time!

rocket escape by paul rocket escape
by paul

one hour manic shooter

Stahlholz (remake) by laguna Stahlholz (remake)
by laguna

Remake of my very first LD Game (LD 27: 10 seconds). Press up arrow to jump, collect the powerups.

The Harvest by lsdb The Harvest
by lsdb

Harvest all the blue. Avoid the red. INPUT : arrow keys

Bombman by floppan Bombman
by floppan

Made in about 20 minutes, He loves bombs, 10 seconds till bombs explode <: kek

10 sec to Escape by florianbrochard 10 sec to Escape
by florianbrochard

Escape room in less than 10 seconds.

10 second bomb
by denneledoe

the time is ticking, agent! there is a bomb infront of you, and you need to defuse it. once you think you've made the right combination, press the defuse button, or die trying.... goodluck agent 69 (click the buttons and wires to press or cut them. i won't tell you anything else :) do keep in mind that i have no sound or animations, so you have to trust your own instincts! also, the resolution is messed up, so it might be hard to read or see some bits)

WASD by katuiche WASD
by katuiche

You can type fast? Like really fast? Try to press the biggest numbers of keys in 10 seconds (WASD)

Smash it! by igorrogi Smash it!
by igorrogi

Game about killing flies

Pacman Under Pressure by doomista Pacman Under Pressure
by doomista

Eat as many red dots as possible within 10 seconds. Navigate your pacman with mouse. Press R to start over.

The Nuclear War (Brr)
by mindkill

Three choices, a message, 10 seconds

Collect the coins, 10 seconds! by mojko Collect the coins, 10 seconds!
by mojko

Description.. it's a game

80 Second Game Jam! by PUARSLIBURF 80 Second Game Jam!

A game jam/engine where you have 10 seconds to create each in-game asset! (This adds up to 80 seconds total.) Listen to soviet-era russian music while you make horrid little 8x8 beings! When drawing please note that the left and middle mouse buttons draw different colors and the rif´ght one erases. The game you make will have one simple objective: Get all the coins! Enemies move. You have to place walls, enemies and coins separately.

Bomb Defuser by Bigaston Bomb Defuser
by Bigaston

Can you defuse the bomb? Solve the mathematical problem!

10 seconds until re-armed by Aurel 10 seconds until re-armed
by Aurel

pew pew

Save SpaceX by bakken Save SpaceX
by bakken

Save Spacex! Info on itch page.

Writing Papers (Originalio)
by shosh

Very original game about writing papers. My first entry ever, I am very proud. Have fun.

Night Court Simulator by let-off-studios Night Court Simulator
by let-off-studios

Present your verdict in 10 seconds for 10 different court cases. Bull lets you know how well you did. Includes MFA file for Clickteam Fusion users. Windows only.

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