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147th One Hour Game Jam (17 Feb 2018)

Theme: Return
Started: 17 Feb 2018 at 20:00 (18 entries)
Paint War ! by t0m Paint War !
by t0m

A mulitplayer painting game

Return To Home by iseeicy Return To Home
by iseeicy

Can you save ur mom????

The Dealer´s Puzzle
by mindkill

You are LJT, a dealer from the USA that lives in mexico, however, after many years of operations, you have to return to your homeland, but, there has been a little security increase... (PLEASE DO NOT SKIP THE INTRO SEQUENCE OR AN AUDIO DESYNC WILL HAPPEN)

Type Return by studiosi Type Return
by studiosi

You have to exit a function that iterates too much. You have to type "return", but your keyboard is slightly broken.

Who turned off the lights? by bradur Who turned off the lights?
by bradur

You see a bright diamond. You go get it. What! Someone turned off the lights?? How can you find your way home? Oh, don't hit the walls by the way. They kill you slowly, but surely.

Returning home by murgraal Returning home
by murgraal

You're an alien that is trying to return home with a flying piece of metal. Move with arrow keys, need alt + f4 to exit.

Exit Donjon by mrbigaston Exit Donjon
by Bigaston

Return to the enter!

by menip_

Let's go cowbow, round those chickens up! Downloads for Linux and Windows availble on my page.

Ms. Pac-Man Without a Cause by sergiocornaga Ms. Pac-Man Without a Cause
by sergiocornaga

I decided to "return" to an old concept…

return of the knobs by aurel300 return of the knobs
by Aurel

knob revolution!

Return to your position nr.40386 by floppan Return to your position nr.40386
by floppan

Save the world from a zombie apocalypse and return to your position.

Save Teddy by ppatenaude Save Teddy
by ppatenaude

Save Teddy from the nightmares. As Bobby's spirit guardian, you need to headbutt the nightmares so that they don't take Teddy away.

by igorrogi

Started a bit late, but here it is! Avoid chaotic red evil trucks of inevitable doom and return to the wilderness.

Wand of gleen by katuiche Wand of gleen
by katuiche

You have a wand that returns to you, yay! No, you will not have a boomerang, wands are cooler. WASD or arrows to walk, space or up to jump, left mouse button to control your wand.

The Adventures of the Flatwoods Monster by puarsliburf The Adventures of the Flatwoods Monster

Of course I found a way to make a game about the bloody flatwoods monster. You are Gragoy, an alien commander who is currently stuck on a spaceship right outside some f*ckoff planet in the middle of nowhere with a drone whom you hate unconditionally because it's a drone and they suck. I may or may not have designed an entire society around these aliens with very, VERY strict social classes, with drones being at the bottom. Control with arrows, interact with things with space.

Return Home
by ben.howick

Sorry. first one hour game jam. didn't get much done but its still an attempt.

BoxLine by xxx887 BoxLine
by xxx887

Return red and yellow boxes to sender. Do not return green and blue boxes. (sorry took me two hours to finish, first timer here :-DD)

You You're Late, Mate
by let-off-studios

Hit the overdue library books with your boomerang(s) to earn points. Try to get a high score! Includes music from the old-skool NES game "Boomerang Kid." Also includes the MFA file for users of Clickteam Fusion. For Windows only.

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