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148th One Hour Game Jam (24 Feb 2018)

Theme: Dreams
Started: 24 Feb 2018 at 20:00 (12 entries)
zzz.... bedtime by benburgh zzz.... bedtime
by benburgh

It is time to sleep! But you must type to sleep soundly. Use your keyboard to win!

Dunno, guess collect smth? by floppan Dunno, guess collect smth?
by floppan

You run around, collecting your dreams? Made in exactly one hour. uhm.. yes. Press A and D to move, your dreams will change colour over time. GL

Nine | Sixteen | Sixteen by iseeicy Nine | Sixteen | Sixteen
by iseeicy

You are dreaming

by aidanmarkham

You have skin. You're in a fantasy. What more do you need to know?

KillTheDream by tada KillTheDream
by tada

You are a monster and kill the dreams of babies while moms are trying to catch you.

Sheep by Terracottafrog Sheep
by Terracottafrog

Count sheep

Do It and Dreams by Bigaston Do It and Dreams
by Bigaston

Can you survive to the "Do It" attack of Shia Labeouf?

Dream (Dream (Dream)) by katuiche Dream (Dream (Dream))
by katuiche

You awake in a unsolvable maze. But you have a secret tool: You can dream yourself leaving the maze. WASD to move, space to sleep.

The Test by frodewin The Test
by frodewin

Use your sleeping subconscious mind to succeed in school! Game made with bitsy from Adam Le Doux.

Midnight Girl by let-off-studios Midnight Girl
by let-off-studios

Adventure in the world of dreams! Shoot bolts with SHIFT/JOYBTN 1 to destroy the nightmares. Sprinkle dreamdust with CTRL/JOYBTN 2 to give the children nice dreams. Fly through the windows to increase the challenge (and earn more points).The game is over at sunrise. Plays in any browser (HTML5). Enjoy!

BURF-1 Fantasy console by PUARSLIBURF BURF-1 Fantasy console

A fantasy console running a proprietary language. Works like an old BASIC machine where you type a line number followed by a command to enter it. Run code by typing "run", view it with "list", clear the screen with "clear" and make a new program with "new". No input, saving or loading as of now. Language isn't properly tested either so I have no idea if it works. Help file included.

by joneyjs

A game to test your reflexes and your ability to identify if you are dreaming, you are actually awake .. or that you know in the matrix. huahua

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