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149th One Hour Game Jam (03 Mar 2018)

Theme: Failure
Started: 03 Mar 2018 at 20:00 (17 entries)
a little surprise for ya a little surprise for ya'll
by denneledoe

comming to a discord command near you...

Keyboard Commanders by sebastianscaini Keyboard Commanders
by Sebastian Scaini

If one of you fails, you both fail! Two players (one on left, one on right) take command of a ship! Press your correct keys to keep your ship flying!

NANDo Calrissian by puarsliburf NANDo Calrissian

I failed (get it?) to come up with a better idea and made a ferNANDo rip-off. It's a programming lanuage with only 3 commands based on NAND logic! When started the program will demand a txt file with code in it. Code is required to be formatted with 1 command per line. Download the thumbnail image, it's literally the entire documentation. Replace AA, BB and CC with two character hexadecimal memory adresses. I challenge thee to make a program where a dot is shown in the top-left of the screen if (and only if) the up arrow is pressed!

Pong for One by n42k Pong for One
by n42k

Pong with a twist! Made by https://github.com/n42k and https://github.com/qoh. LÖVE engine.

SKINRACE by aidanmarkham SKINRACE
by aidanmarkham

You have skin. You race. What more do you need to know?

A pleasant walk through the hills
by Terracottafrog

Get to the flag have fun

by Aurel

answer questions wrong to increase your failure rating

Mr Fox and Fail Sled by otso_turpeinen Mr Fox and Fail Sled
by otso_turpeinen

Avoid Obstacles (Arrow keys or A&D)

Train by katuiche Train
by katuiche

Just make the train come to the other side of the cliff

Pass or fail? by generictoast Pass or fail?
by GenericToast

Grade your students test papers and decide if they pass or fail

Anti-Typing Tutor by let-off-studios Anti-Typing Tutor
by let-off-studios

Type the keys and you will become a better typist. Available to play in any browser. Enjoy!

Assembler by frodewin Assembler
by frodewin

You are at an assembly line for PCs. Failures are your daily business. But if you make too many mistakes, you will get fired! How long can you survive in this job?

by flavienm

Fix the failure in the nuclear plant. Sorry.

You are a Failure. by shaders You are a Failure.
by shaders

help this game is awful

Number One Country by euske Number One Country
by euske

Collect all teh money!!1

Code Failure by mrbigaston Code Failure
by Bigaston

Protect your code from the failure!

System Failure by joneyjs System Failure
by joneyjs

Protect github against DDos attacks

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