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150th One Hour Game Jam (10 Mar 2018)

Theme: Brutal Roguelike Adventure
Started: 10 Mar 2018 at 20:00 (26 entries)
im sorry im a bad programmer
by weedmasterz


Cross the Desert by sebastianscaini Cross the Desert
by Sebastian Scaini

Can you cross the desert? Press space bar to jump. Don't hit a cactus! I don't think you'll be able to beat this one on stream.

by ehono1

It may not be a Roguelike, but it's the closes I can get to one at my skill level in under an hour.

Death Maze by mrbobmcwilly Death Maze
by RedOriginGames

Avoid the traps, reach the end to win

This is what happens when I don't prepare
by Terracottafrog

Let us never speak of it again

Oh NO by mwarw Oh NO
by mwarw

Don't burn

generic dungeon crawler
by denneledoe

click to swing your sword, and right click to fire an arrow. you only have 3 arrows per level, so use them wisely. didn't have time to play test all levels, so you may find bugs :D good luck!

Brutally happy by jacklehamster Brutally happy
by jacklehamster

Unfinished, so it's missing the "brutal" part... actually it's also missing the game part.

SpinningAround by diablol SpinningAround
by diablol

Too lazy to write description

Glen and the amazing maze by katuiche Glen and the amazing maze
by katuiche

You are in the most amazing maze ever Get the red clover to make points WASD to walk, space to regen the map, R to reset

Brutal Roguelike Adventure by theras Brutal Roguelike Adventure
by theras

WSAD to move Arrow Keys to shoot (1/sec)

Goo Hunt by aviv871 Goo Hunt
by Aviv871

Protect yourself from the goo monsters! Use the arrows keys to move and the mouse to fire.

Into The Broken Breach by laguna Into The Broken Breach
by laguna

Select your (orange) units and kill the (blue) enemies! Left Mouse Button and SPACE

n+1 Levels of Doom by frodewin n+1 Levels of Doom
by frodewin

Dive into the depths of the dungeon in search for gold. Or are you here for the killing? Either way, knock yourself out! Thanks to incomptetech.com for "Plaint" (song under CC-BY 3.0) and makegames.tumblr.com for the tileset.

1 hour rogue like by dollarone 1 hour rogue like
by dollarone

Fight randomly appearing monsters until death! Brutal.

Donjon Explorer (1HGJ) by mrbigaston Donjon Explorer (1HGJ)
by Bigaston

Explore the donjon!

Crazy Kris by ppatenaude Crazy Kris
by ppatenaude

Crazy Kris is out to get rich in the swamps! Crazy Kris will only stab left. Move to the left to kill slimes. Collect gold to progress to the next level. Avoid water as Crazy Kris can't swim.

Diablow by let-off-studios Diablow
by let-off-studios

Use the arrow keys to collect rich stuff and avoid goblins. Find the exit before you starve to earn bonus points and your sweet, sweet loot. Enjoy!

Soul of despair by zzwandel&co Soul of despair
by zzwandel&co

A Rogue Like where you have to find answers to your past.

The Knife by generictoast The Knife
by GenericToast

Stab your enemies in the back in this totally not ripped-off roguelike game! No procedurally generated levels just because. Controls on itch page

ta kakan tamefan by deltanomnom ta kakan tamefan
by deltanomnom

A short time ago in a cave close, too close infact... You are a blob who likes cake. Takakan tamejfaan(Get the cake) Controll with the arrow keys. Stay away from the walls and get the cake. Space to start over.

Killing Knight by mirakosgames Killing Knight
by mirakosgames

Killing enemies on a floor.

by aidanmarkham

You have skin. You pound. What more do you need to know?

Escape of great leader Dennis! by puarsliburf Escape of great leader Dennis!

Dennis' communist state has been run over by Puarsliclones (TM)! Help great leader Dennis escape with the arrow keys and space! Spent half the time trying to make a level generator but then gave up and stole one from a previous project of mine.

ORKZ.EXE by sergiocornaga ORKZ.EXE
by sergiocornaga

You chance upon a mysterious executable from 1987 and get the distinct impression that it will fail to live up to its premise.

Rogue 1D by euske Rogue 1D
by euske

Beat PoV!

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