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Theme: Breakable Objects
March 24th 2018

16 Games

Box Bash! by PUARSLIBURF Box Bash!

I'm very tired and honestly not very motivated (I'm also in Stockholm, about half a country away from my normal computer) so I booted up good ol' piss-old GM and made a game about clicking boxes.

Shattered Glass by laguna Shattered Glass
by laguna

Catch the falling glasses before they shatter on the ground.

Hole in the wall by mwarw Hole in the wall
by mwarw

Destroy a wall by para calesa studio

Ninja lava hell by katuiche Ninja lava hell
by katuiche

Escape from the hell. Just do it. Go upwards.

Get out of the way by microwerx Get out of the way
by microwerx

This game was written completely in scratch in JavaScript. Works best with Edge, and slightly less so with Firefox and Chrome. Don't let the red guys get you! Try and make it in the time allowed. Controls: W is UP S is DOWN RIGHT to SHOOT ENTER to START

Jumping by diablol Jumping
by diablol

Some parkour stuff

Wall breacher
by norman

Left click to select units. Right click to move them. Middle mouse to shoot manually. BAD This game is like x-com apocalypse but really bad and with no challenge at all. Lead four dudes against some other identical dudes.

AlienBombing by rango AlienBombing
by rango

Protect the Alien Babys with Bombs and break the Space Tanks!

Mr Fox and Crazy Eggs by otso_turpeinen Mr Fox and Crazy Eggs
by otso_turpeinen

Break all the eggs (use mouse)

Naughty Cat by frodewin Naughty Cat
by frodewin

Naughty cat is bored and plays with the vases in your appartment. What else is there to do? Made with Scratch, powered by Sulfurous, thanks for the platformer script from griffpatch_tutor@scratch.mit.edu (CC-BY SA 3.0), the mini brick tile from scofanogd@opengameart (CC-0) and the bottle shattering sound from spookymodem@freesound.org (CC-0). And I used bitsy as level editor.

eggs are breakable by Aurel eggs are breakable
by Aurel

don't break the eggs

Balancing Act by ofirma85 Balancing Act
by ofirma85

Use A and D to collect the points that apear on the map, make sure not to drop the plates!

Ball Invasion by thaniel Ball Invasion
by thaniel

Balls are ruining our economy. Shoot them down and get as many points as possible!

Untitled Unfinished Turtle Game
by Terracottafrog

Made in my upcoming fantasy console, BA-T. The web link runs the console and the windows link gives the cartridge. Load it with arrow keys and z and move around the console by using CTRL+Arrows. WASD controls the game.

Asteroid Dodge by Tangent Asteroid Dodge
by Tangent

An asteroid dodging game. The 'breakable object' IS YOU (well, your spaceship). Now including scores and goals and prettier colors and stuff. Will update it a few more times, but not this description, so click the links to it, yo.

Breakable by joneyjs Breakable
by joneyjs

Destroy the boxes.

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