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153rd One Hour Game Jam (31 Mar 2018)

Theme: walls
Started: 31 Mar 2018 at 20:00 (22 entries)
Redmund Redmund's reach for the wall of hell simulator 2018

Testing out my new FC, the Hobby Entertainment Device 4 (HED 4) some more. Redmund's stuck in hell for some reason and has to make a break for the wall of hell and climb over it to escape. Thing is that if the guard sees him he'll go from being regular dead to being SuperDead (tm) so be careful. But you're in luck! The coffee machine at Hell inc. is broken and the guard is really tired. Because of this his vision is movement based, and he also closes his eyes regularly. Go left with left to win. Windows download is the HED 4 and the source code is, well, the source code. Open one with the other for the game! (Selections in the HED 4's menu are made with the arrows and Z) Don't put the source code inside the HED's folder and make sure that the file downloaded properly.

Shifting Walls by laguna Shifting Walls
by laguna

You need to get the randomly moving (green) player to the magenta target. You can shift columns or rows of walls. WASD to select, ARROWS to shift.

Wall Run by The Mad Pangolin Wall Run
by The Mad Pangolin

Fly through the gaps and dodge the walls of doom! But beware: they will become stronger... >:) Controls: Arrow keys to move Space bar to dash

Walls by joneyjs Walls
by joneyjs

Move the walls to put circle on end marker

by diablol

Game testing your hacking skills using advanced test

That Crazy Labyrinth GameBoy Game by shosh That Crazy Labyrinth GameBoy Game
by shosh

You start in the top left corner (the black dot). Reach the bottom right corner (the other black dot). Have a fun and very not boring time.

Save the Wall! by rango Save the Wall!
by rango

Help Trump rebuild his Wall! Space to Shoot (please don't spam) WASD to move

To Ramp Up Most Paramount by frodewin To Ramp Up Most Paramount
by frodewin

Build a wall. The higher the better! Down Arrow or click mouse to release the blocks. S or tap to start the game. Plays best with Chrome Browser. This game was made in Scratch and is powered by Sulfurous player. Thanks to jetpac@Scratch for his Skyscraper building game which I heavily based this project on. Music by Eric Skiff - Ascending - Resistor Anthems - under CC-BY 4.0 at http://EricSkiff.com/music

by t0m

Any link with the theme sry

Momentum by chaseplays Momentum
by chaseplays

A simple, easy game about navigating through a labyrinth.

Ninja walls by katuiche Ninja walls
by katuiche

I dont know, just play it. Commands as usual.

Sea Wall by microwerx Sea Wall
by microwerx

Sea Wall is a continuation of my last game. You can now float a wall to block fish from hitting you. You may have two walls max.

Mr Fox & Blocky Road by otso_turpeinen Mr Fox & Blocky Road
by otso_turpeinen

Arrow Keys to Move

Flashing Sheep Simulator by Terracottafrog Flashing Sheep Simulator
by Terracottafrog

A failed game made in my upcoming fantasy console, again. Click the web link to open the console, and the source code link to download the game file. Load it in the console with arrow keys and Z, then move over to the play screen with CTRL + Right a few times. WASD and L to control the "game"

allofthewalls by sergiocornaga allofthewalls
by sergiocornaga


by reesespieces

Text adventure. First game and first 'one hour' jam :)

small perspective by shia_labeouf small perspective
by shia_labeouf

its all about the life, in your small world - trapped by the walls that also give you shelter and safety ...

Incoming by mrdave Incoming
by mrdave

The walls are closing in, dig your way out.

Wall of Thought
by mittagskogel

My first interactive fiction, made with Inform 7... It may not make much sense :D

by aidanmarkham

​You have skin. You stick. What more do you need to know?

Fix The Wall by kirill-vorobyev Fix The Wall
by kirill-vorobyev

Fix the wall as fast as possible by clicking on the colored bricks!

Turbo Grid by let-off-studios Turbo Grid
by let-off-studios

Move your space ship with the ARROW KEYS. Collect as many SPACE GRIDS as you can to earn points, build your score multiplier, and increase your speed. Collect the GLOBES that appear after you're destroyed to earn a special score bonus, which increases with every SPACE GRID you collect. Avoid the WALLS, which destroy you with one touch. Enjoy!

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