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154th One Hour Game Jam (07 Apr 2018)

Theme: Fall
Started: 07 Apr 2018 at 20:00 (17 entries)
Falling Forever by joneyjs Falling Forever
by joneyjs

jump in the falling plataforms infinitly

Always Falling by Sebastian Scaini Always Falling
by Sebastian Scaini

Use the arrow keys to rotate. Don't hit the walls.

Fall Of The Republic by laguna Fall Of The Republic
by laguna

Lead your roman farm to pride and glory. But remember: Bandits rage and Inflation will kick in.

HELP! by micheline HELP!
by micheline

It's a game where you fall, and you need to survive ! HELP !

Thingamajig by kurt Thingamajig
by kurt

Collect the stuff that falls from the ceiling

Avoider by theras Avoider
by theras

Avoid stuff A/D to move

fallgamething by ch fallgamething
by ch

Use left and right and avoid thingies that look bad. Binary should be better, but there's a web build for you non-windows lads. First time using pico-8.

Colorful Rain by UWGG Colorful Rain

You have to dodge the leaves of the tree in Autumn!

Don Don't let them fall
by roboshamit

This is my first game jam EVER!! Press left mouse to control the net. Really sorry couldn't handle the pressure. Its not a proper game :(. I'll come back stronger next week for sure!! sorry for extra time! -_- :D

blue: the fall by Aurel blue: the fall
by Aurel


Oh Well by Terracottafrog Oh Well
by Terracottafrog

Fall down the fall as fast as possible! WASD to move. Web link is the console itself, windows link is the game file. use arrow keys and z (sorry) on menu to load the game, then press Ctrl+Right a few times to move to the play screen. Use Ctrl+arrows to move around the console and restart the game.

Falling by let-off-studios Falling
by let-off-studios

Collect the gems and land on the target. Use the ARROW KEYS or your gamepad to move the skydiver. Playable in any browser. Enjoy!

Smultron by sergiocornaga Smultron
by sergiocornaga

Featuring a velvety-smooth rendition of the popular song "Autumn Leaves" performed by Nathen Page.

MAYDAY by katuiche MAYDAY
by katuiche

OHNO, windows atacks again. Reinstall updates.

Through the rabbit hole by frodewin Through the rabbit hole
by frodewin

The girl's name is Alice...

FALL by shaders2018 FALL
by shaders2018

Escape - Quit A/D - Move Bad.

The Foundation Falls by Tangent The Foundation Falls
by Tangent

Stave off attacks from SCP-3032 or watch humanity fall. (Post-jam, I hope to turn this into a more complete game someday.)

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