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155th One Hour Game Jam (14 Apr 2018)

Theme: Random Access Memory
Started: 14 Apr 2018 at 20:00 (17 entries)
by Sebastian Scaini


RAM The Keyboard by rainbowkappatv RAM The Keyboard
by rainbowkappagames

Short Game about Spamming your Keyboard for absolutely no reason.

Random Bus Runner by laguna Random Bus Runner
by laguna

Transport as many data as possible by going to the bus with the data. WASD to move.

RAM by timbeaudet RAM
by timbeaudet

Drive a drifty car and ram into random access memory sticks!

Random Controls by jacklehamster Random Controls
by jacklehamster

The controls are random. Try to figure them out. Get the highest score! My best score is 5

Real Advanced Mspaint by katuiche Real Advanced Mspaint
by katuiche

Draw what the computer tells to you to draw. You can use the numbers on keyboard to choose the color. Enter or R restart the game.

BattleChip by sirobvious BattleChip
by sirobvious

Pong. But with Ram.

Collect the RAM! by jparker12 Collect the RAM!
by jparker12

In this fast paced game, collect all the RAM before the time runs out!

Mr Fox & The Memory access by otso_turpeinen Mr Fox & The Memory access
by otso_turpeinen

There is no Going back *click*

memory corruption by aurel300 memory corruption
by Aurel

hack the planet

by aidanmarkham

You have skin. You have memory. What more do you need to know?

Cache The Fish by microwerx Cache The Fish
by microwerx

Fish is for dinner in the Random Access Cafe. However, the efficiency experts decided to improve restaurant service by implementing a cache. Try to keep the cache full.

Everyone Is John! by puarsliburf Everyone Is John!

Everyone is John! You're John, that guy's John, I'M JOHN! (This requires two players) Take turns controlling John and doing horrible depraved things to the people of a small town, please take notes of EVERYTHING you do while it's your turn to play as John. Don't look at the screen when it's not your turn to play, so it seems more like John randomly loses his memory every 20 seconds (Theme longshot!) move with arrows and interact with space.

Random Access Rememberer by sergiocornaga Random Access Rememberer
by sergiocornaga

"It's like the I Ching of emoji." –Claire

Stack Password Crack by guard13007 Stack Password Crack
by Tangent


RAM Recovery by atlinux RAM Recovery
by atlinux

A RAM matching game.

RAM Memory (C64) by frodewin RAM Memory (C64)
by frodewin

A short C64 game I made in BASIC for the One Hour Game Jam​ #155, topic was Random Access Memory. To play use cursor keys and the space bar. Made with Vice (sorry, the real hardware is broken). Web player is Rjanicek's Versatile Commodore Emulator for JavaScript under GPL V2.

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