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156th One Hour Game Jam (21 Apr 2018)

Theme: Combine two incompatible genres
Started: 21 Apr 2018 at 20:00 (8 entries)
Dodge the Clicker by jacklehamster Dodge the Clicker
by jacklehamster

2 Incompatible genres: Button clicker vs Dodge game

Multiplayer Text Adventure Racing Platformer by n42k Multiplayer Text Adventure Racing Platformer
by n42k

Can you beat your opponents while typing frantically to collect chests in a platformer? Press enter, then 'help', then enter again after you join a game for a listing of what actions are available. Made with the Varley game engine https://github.com/n42k/varley.

Kabbalistic Number Duel by cajoled Kabbalistic Number Duel
by cajoled

Beat an angel by discovering which numbers counter others! This is a text-based fighting game? It may lag for a minute upon opening because I do things horribly inefficiently.

House game
by katuiche

You are in an adventure to go to the kitchen at the middle of night

Scary Beat by mundl Scary Beat

Scary Beat - A Mix of Horror and Musical-note-hitting-action Click at the right time to hit the note! Don't let the monster catch you!!!!

Run & type! by belgianwizard Run & type!
by belgianwizard

Avoid all red objects in this randomly generated runner, while typing in all numbers that appear on the screen! By Jorn Segers

FPMS by joneyjs FPMS
by joneyjs

First Person Musical Shooter Game

Shmlashing Shplanets by let-off-studios Shmlashing Shplanets
by let-off-studios

It's a mash-up of shootemups and puzzle games. Switch your color of projectile with the Z key. Shoot at planets with the X key. When you control a planet, steer it into a matching one to smash it. Smash all the planets to win a score bonus. Playable in any browser. Enjoy!

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