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157th One Hour Game Jam (28 Apr 2018)

Theme: One Control
Started: 28 Apr 2018 at 20:00 (20 entries)
by FabiClawZ

Just scream into your microphone for as long as you can

In Distress by n42k In Distress
by n42k

A game about a pilot in distress, with a single way to communicate with the outside world.

Uhh, dunno. Guess i Uhh, dunno. Guess i'll call it Run4yourlife
by ropai

bombs falling, ehm, collect coins for points and those hearts for hp. simple as that, hopefully you'll understand <:

Space Commander Future Extreme 3397 by jelch Space Commander Future Extreme 3397
by jelch

The year is 3397. You are the last Space Commander of the future. Should work on phones? Hold inside circle to move. Hold outside circle to shoot.

Fakeout by PUARSLIBURF Fakeout

A surprisingly difficult breakout clone where you just press space while going insane due to the annoyingly cheery and repeditive menu theme from Hydlide 2: the Shine of Darkness (Actual title). No actual game over, press R to restart

Stoplight Gogogo by alanxoc3 Stoplight Gogogo
by alanxoc3

Alternate pressing the two buttons while the light isn't red!!!

One Can Troll by sergiocornaga One Can Troll
by sergiocornaga

Wherein I waste your time. Just by reading this, your time has been wasted.

Bounce by programmatic Bounce
by programmatic

Simple bounce game clone.

Nonstop Platformer by frodewin Nonstop Platformer
by frodewin

Yet another platformer, but we don't have time to stop! Runs best in Chrome. Made with Scratch, powered by Sulfurous, thanks for the platformer script from griffpatch_tutor@scratch.mit.edu (CC-BY SA 3.0), and the mini brick tile from scofanogd@opengameart (CC-0). Again I used bitsy as level editor.

Hover Lover by verbalprocessing Hover Lover
by verbalprocessing

Hover over the red cubes to fire. Don't let the cubes touch your cannons. No game over, must restart the EXE.

Intoxication.exe by  Phantom Lab Intoxication.exe
by Phantom Lab

I made this game with lots of alcohol in my blood. Thats why it sucks. Don't drink and code, kids. [SPOILER]The one control is SPACE[/SPOILER]

this by katuiche this
by katuiche

that. One command.

Survival Click by davidlopez29 Survival Click
by davidlopez29

https://davidlopez29.itch.io/survival-click One Hour Jam 157. Click to start Click to change direction! Survival!

Lander by microwerx Lander
by microwerx

Try to land the man while not crashing! Press any key for thrust. Good luck!

Mr. Fox & Sky Fall by otso_turpeinen Mr. Fox & Sky Fall
by otso_turpeinen

Leaderboards don't work on webgl version. Space to slow down the fall.

Block Royale by sapazu Block Royale
by sapazu

My first OnHourGamejam entry, Battle Royale game made in 1 hour 30 minutes. Click with mouse to move and shoot.

Boxes by flyingseahorse Boxes
by flyingseahorse

Not very finished, the objective is to not stack the boxes to the ceiling. Just survive as long as you can, not much of a way to win. Press spacebar to switch boxes.

by let-off-studios

Press the SPACEBAR to mind-blast the mice. Take care to manage your mind power. Enjoy! Plays in nearly any browser.

Only One Remote Control Here!!! by joneyjs Only One Remote Control Here!!!
by joneyjs

There is no room for more than one remote control in this world! Destroy them !!

Fall by atlinux Fall
by atlinux

Drag and dodge blocks!

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