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158th One Hour Game Jam (05 May 2018)

Theme: Danger Zone
Started: 05 May 2018 at 20:00 (12 entries)
TBH I can not code by mikeliosus TBH I can not code
by mikeliosus

A little sprint of learning an RPG Maker for a game designer who can not code. Sorry, but no theme implementation this time. xD

Qaereun by Marcsine Qaereun
by Marcsine

Avoid the slammy bois

Danger Zone Derby by PUARSLIBURF Danger Zone Derby

I was originally going to try to tie this into the Danger Zone song but couldn't really come up with a way to do so, control with arrows and space.

Dangerzones by tabbylv Dangerzones
by tabbylv

Avoid as many danger zones as you can! Use WASD or Arrow Keys to move.

Danger Zone by Bigaston Danger Zone
by Bigaston

Don't go to the danger zone!

by bob8213

Controls : WASD (or ZQSD for azerty) You have to escape the danger zone ! reach the blue box and then... the game will freeze for a few seconds :) The controls are awful i'm sorry. Have fun !... (Alt-f4 To quit)

Dead Zone Reality by joneyjs Dead Zone Reality
by joneyjs

DANGER ZONE REALITY CONTROLS: WASD Arrow keys Left Ctrl to Interact With Objects HISTORY: The whole world was invited to a Fatal reality show. A crazy billionaire has put valuables in rooms with deadly traps, all are free to sign up and get rich, or die trying. Are you willing to risk your life, for a better one !! ??

Danger Zone by alanxoc3 Danger Zone
by alanxoc3

A game (umm, yeah, it's a game alright), made in pico-8!

Doge zone by katuiche Doge zone
by katuiche


Postapocalyptic Walk by frodewin Postapocalyptic Walk
by frodewin

A game I did not finish... happy walking!

Burnt by dollarone Burnt
by dollarone

You are Prof Howard and you are entering the danger zone. You need to find the three key cards and escape via the lift! Careful tho - don't get BURNT!

Nobody Likes You by letoffstudios Nobody Likes You
by letoffstudios

Nobody Likes You. You're a clown trying to make a living by traveling the world as an entertainer. Unfortunately you're not welcome anywhere. Collect coins when you can. Avoid the atomic weapons and flags at all times. Hide in your base when you need to escape. Enjoy! Playable in nearly any browser.

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