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159th One Hour Game Jam (12 May 2018)

Theme: Second Chance
Started: 12 May 2018 at 20:00 (8 entries)
Jumping, and a 2nd chance. by mannenwarmer Jumping, and a 2nd chance.
by mannenwarmer

Very nice game. Scratch is the best place to make games

You Need To Die (Sometimes) by joneyjs You Need To Die (Sometimes)
by joneyjs

A plataform game with much puzzles and die to solve it

Second Spiky Chance by alanxoc3 Second Spiky Chance
by alanxoc3

Made with <3! And PICO-8!

Samuel and Pete by puarsliburf Samuel and Pete

One day God and the Devil were arguing about which one of them was the strongest, and they decided to compete in a rather simple game: Zombify two dead people, giving one the task of turning all the people in a small town into zombies and the other one the task of stopping him. The Devil chose a misanthrope named Samuel as his dead guy of choice and God chose a man named Pete who had died saving a puppy from a house fire. One player takes control of Pete (WASD + Space) and the other Samuel (arrows + enter). Samuel has to turn all the people into zombies and Pete has to turn all the zombies into people. The game is over when only zombies or people remain. You can also pick up little blue blobs that temporarily freezes the other player in place.

Heart attack in the middle of the platform level by katuiche Heart attack in the middle of the platform level
by katuiche

*Description about a generic platform game here* Restart with R

Two lives by whegl Two lives

Use your corpse to complete this platformer

One-Armed Bandit by laguna One-Armed Bandit
by laguna

Play some casino game. Try to score as high as possible. Unlike the normal slot machine, you have a second chance if you are not happy with your result. Windows, HTML5 and Flash Build available.

Decisions by letoffstudios Decisions
by letoffstudios

Imagine if you were just released from prison. What would you do next? Click your left mouse button on your choices. Playable in nearly any browser. Enjoy!

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