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160th One Hour Game Jam (19 May 2018)

Theme: Magic
Started: 19 May 2018 at 20:00 (13 entries)
battle of the wizards
by denneledoe

try to shoot the other wizzard. 2 player game 1 player controlls with A and D and shoots with S 2nd player moves with J and L and shoots with K good luck!

Magic Bunnies by laguna Magic Bunnies
by laguna

Hit as many magic bunnies as possible with your magic hammer.

Battle Of Wiz by metalhand Battle Of Wiz
by metalhand

The grand battle of two wizards, using all the spells they learned throughout their lives. Will you be able to defeat the evil wizard with your button mashing skills? Instructions: The goal is to reduce the evil wizards HP to 0. INPUTS: Q for Q element W for W element E for E element Up + Down arrow to move up and down Space to fire a spell. You have a buffer of 3 elements. By having 3 of the same element you can cast a spell, but beware! they cost mana! QQQ: Fireball WWW: Thunderstrike EEE: Mana Regen Good luck!

Magicy Gamey by the_plop Magicy Gamey
by the_plop

W, A, S, D to move, left click to use spell and scroll to change spell. It's very bad, I know.

Harry Totter and the philospohers stone by mojko Harry Totter and the philospohers stone
by mojko

You play has either malfuck ron weesle or harry totter and destroy hagrog

The wizard Oehagan vs Iwalakey The wizard Oehagan vs Iwalakey's minions
by ropai

The wizard Oehagan has come back once again to defeat his life long sworn enemy Iwalakey, but this time Iwalakey has gotten backup. Controls: Shoot fireballs on X, magicorbs on C, move with arrows. GL

Find the Lost Wizard Hat by jamz Find the Lost Wizard Hat
by jamz

It's broken to balls...

Wizzy by alanxoc3 Wizzy
by alanxoc3

A nice relaxing wizard game :).

Chroma Wizard by katuiche Chroma Wizard
by katuiche

A wizard and its a game and my descriptions are getting better, i swear. Tested the levels and they are ok.

Harry potter and the philisopher box by PIEMEN Harry potter and the philisopher box

oh no Controlls: WASD and space

by speedy

be sure to turn the volume up

Cookie Wizard by let-off-studios Cookie Wizard
by let-off-studios

Use the ARROW KEYS to guide the Cookie Wizard's magical energies to the enormous cookie on the other side of the dungeon. The faster you do it, the more points you will earn! Adding SUGAR or BUTTER to your cookie will make it even tastier (and you'll earn more points). Enjoy! Playable in nearly every browser.

Queer Magic
by Mimarik

Download the "160" folder as an archive, then unpack and interpret the magic.py file. Icons will pop up, representing various enemies. Defeat enemies using appropriate spells. Cast spells by pressing appropriate keys. Certain spells have side effects. Certain enemies have effects beside having to be defeated, too. Pyglet required. All the links are the same, as I am not really going to try and compile Python programs.

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