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161st One Hour Game Jam (26 May 2018)

Theme: 2-player
Started: 26 May 2018 at 20:00 (10 Games)
Re-Charged by zycronexus Re-Charged
by zycronexus

Fight endless hordes of evil robots - but don't run out of battery, or else you'll lose control...

Out of the spotlights
by guaxininja

You must catch the money and don't be cought.

I am bad at designing puzzles by laguna I am bad at designing puzzles
by laguna

You control two players who move simultaneously. Both need to get to the targets. Use WASD/Arrows to move and R to restart.

Dodger by astorek86 Dodger
by astorek86

2 Player Game. Try to Block the Bullets, otherwise lose a Point. First Player with zero Points lose the Game, the other Player wins.

Plants VS Plants by PIEMEN Plants VS Plants

Controlls: player1: wasd to move e to select plant and q to plant. player2: ijkl to move o to select plant and u to plant. sunflower: gives you more sun to buy more plants peashooter: attacks other plants wallnut: protects your plants. Has 4 times more hp torchwood: turns peas from pea shooter into fire peas, doubling the damage.

Push them off by GenericToast Push them off
by GenericToast

Push your opponent of the platform in this 2 player game! Great for destroying friendships and ruining relationships!

Shooting air by katuiche Shooting air
by katuiche

Yes 2p game. WASD for P1, arrows for P2.

Dvasteroids by frodewin Dvasteroids
by frodewin

A two player game, play with WASD and cursor keys. The target is to destroy all asteroids, not each other ;-) Made with Scratch, powered by Sulfurous player.

On the Spotlight by Gabriel Toschi On the Spotlight
by Gabriel Toschi

A variant of Battleship with light and ghosts. It's a print and play game, with one A4 sheet for 2 players. In English. Made by Gabriel Toschi, Lui Franco and Jhonata Bernardo, Geleia team, for Fellowship of the Game (ICMC-USP).

Fish Life by joneyjs Fish Life
by joneyjs

Survive along with your brother in the ocean

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