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162nd One Hour Game Jam (02 Jun 2018)

Theme: Darkness
Started: 02 Jun 2018 at 20:00 (18 entries)
Dark Platformer where you can't see anything
by mannenwarmer

move left arrow right arrow. you cant see the finish because its dark. you'll have to find it. when you fall off the map you have to start over again

by felixvg

A game about smashing dark beats at the right time. Press the arrow keys according to the direction the beats come from, so if the beat is from the left, press left.

Fading Light by GenericToast Fading Light
by GenericToast

Don't let your light fade out!

by aidanmarkham

You have skin. It's bedtime. What more do you need to know?

Night Train by let-off-studios Night Train
by let-off-studios

You are a conductor for the revolutionary, trackless train. Use the ARROW KEYS to move your train and collect passengers. As you collect passengers, your train will have cars added to it. Avoid running into your own train and any hazards that may crop up. Playable in Windows. Enjoy! And yes, this is just like Snake, but in the dark.


You are RB-255, an information retrieval droid belonging to the Gurkan empire. You rather quite like your job, going down to planets, blending in with the locals and then send everything you found out back to the mothership to make the planet easier to qonquer. But one day your master (who may or may not be Grägoy, haven't decided yet) decided to go down to the surface of one of the planets, got himself into a bunch of trouble and longg story short two kids wound up on the ship. Of course they also found out about your plans to blow 'em up and stuff. You tried to reason with them but for, in hindsight, understandable reasons those little twits decided to punch you in the face and set the ship to self destruct. Luckily, you managed to scan the one who punched you, meaning that if you could just get down to the surface you could disguise yourself as him and wait this whole thing out. Thing is, now you can't see proberly because of that punch to the face earlier, making getting out a bit harder. Control with arrows, restart levels with r. You might get stuck in walls sometimes. I highly encourage you to compete in who can beat the game faster as that adds an illusion of more gameplay and the game's short.

Very Dark Game by PIEMEN Very Dark Game

ehm it is dark. WASD to move.

Reflect Light Particle by joneyjs Reflect Light Particle
by joneyjs

Simple puzzle game with a light particle, reflector and crystals

Generic Mining Game 9000 by jbax1899 Generic Mining Game 9000
by jbax1899

Mine some ore, get points! Pretty simple stuff.

Glen and the weird stones by katuiche Glen and the weird stones
by katuiche

Find the generic vase and don't die. WASD to walk, mouse button to toogle wand and R to restart.

Darkanoid by salyon Darkanoid
by salyon

Darkanoid! Destroy the asteroids that are blocking the sunlight, beware the darkness!

Indiana Jones is Kinda Blind by felres Indiana Jones is Kinda Blind
by felres

Move with arrow keys, avoid the snakes!!

Dark Pretzel by alanxoc3 Dark Pretzel
by alanxoc3

You are trapped in a room with a voice.

Keep the lights on by cyanidejc Keep the lights on
by cyanidejc

Limited time to light un the caves! run before your light burns out!

by hisid98

Run and Kill Monster!!!

Watch Where You Shine by sweetsylveon Watch Where You Shine
by sweetsylveon

You're stuck in a very dark place, with nothing but a flashlight set to your mouse. Find a way out!

Yamigon by euske Yamigon
by euske

Yamigon dayo.

The crown of Medith by dollarone The crown of Medith
by dollarone

You're looking for the infamous crown of Medith. Can you find it before your torchlight runs out and darkness says hello old friend?

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