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Theme: Unexpected
June 9th 2018

14 Games

Alien Surprise Attack
by veloriumstudios

Aliens are attacking and you need to stop them


A game where I subverted expectations by not using pixel graphics. When I came up with that idea I felt so smart that I forgot to make a good game around it.

Unexpected Combo by laguna Unexpected Combo
by laguna

Select the UNEXPECTED answer! Click the number of the item that is not fitting to the list.

Controller Break by astorek86 Controller Break
by astorek86

Every few Seconds, the Controls for the Player are changing. Isn't that unexpected?^^

Unexpected by savvydev06 Unexpected
by savvydev06

Use A,D, and SPACE to control your character. Simply enjoy your time in the woods. But, there's a twist!

Strange Portal by mkapolka Strange Portal
by mkapolka

Vas a straynge varld to be een. You can drag things by clicking and dragging them

The GamblerĀ“s Bust
by mindkill

You are a CIA agent with the order to retrieve a valuable item.

by pizzaportal

Click everything. Good luck and have fun.

Tell The World by let-off-studios Tell The World
by let-off-studios

Press the SPACEBAR to begin the journey to discovery. Press the SPACEBAR to redirect planetary destiny. All will be revealed to you in the end. Press F2 to restart, and ESC to exit. Playable in Windows (fullscreen suggested). Enjoy!

2 Hendriksen by qlpcuber 2 Hendriksen
by qlpcuber

These are some real flying blocks

Generic plataformer 3 by katuiche Generic plataformer 3
by katuiche

I can't say because it's suposed to be unexpected (WASD, space, and R to restart level)

HiHappy by alvpter HiHappy
by alvpter

Are you feeling ok?

Mr Fox & Unexpected Adventure by otso_turpeinen Mr Fox & Unexpected Adventure
by otso_turpeinen

Mr Fox is in dark forest.Bad things will happen.

Mind's Prison
by zycronexus

Not much of a game. Sleep. Get food. Sleep. Get food. Sleep. Get food. The guards hate you, but you're used to it. After what you did, EVERYONE hates you. Arrow keys to move, Space to sleep in the bed. There is no ending.

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