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164th One Hour Game Jam (16 Jun 2018)

Theme: your favorite game but the most simplest possible
Started: 16 Jun 2018 at 20:00 (30 entries)
FEED ME APPLE Demastered by sebastianscaini FEED ME APPLE Demastered
by Sebastian Scaini

The controls shuffle across any key on the keyboard every 3 seconds. Get the apple in their mouth.

by mindkill

Best gaem evar

River Swimmer
by veloriumstudios

Started as BOTW climbing the towers, but then became the swimming in it

Pew Pew by ztuu Pew Pew
by ztuu

Shoot falling people to rack up points. Guess the game it's based on, not too hard!

Sword Master by laguna Sword Master
by laguna

Defeat the enemies by selecting the correct offense/counter. Up/Down Arrow + Return.

OHGJ Monster Hunter
by kaorikat

An attempt to make something resembling Capcom's Monster Hunter. Press 'Q' to backstep and 'E' to attack.

Witchor 3 - Wold Hunt by astorek86 Witchor 3 - Wold Hunt
by astorek86

Simplest possible Witcher ever^^.

The Simple Books: Simplewinds by akselmo The Simple Books: Simplewinds
by akselmo

Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind is my favorite game of all times. Thus, I tried to recreate that in the simplest way possible, but still trying to retain some of that Morrowind feel. My first 1HGJ submission, I'm surprised I got it done! Assets used: Footstep sound: Grass1 by freefire66: https://freesound.org/people/freefire66/sounds/175955/ Background music Kai Engel - Sunset: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Kai_Engel/Idea/Kai_Engel_-_Idea_-_09_Sunset

Conker Conker's Bad Fur Day for Nintendo 486
by kdrnic

Conker's Bad Fur Day, made with the tapegro game framework @ https://kdrnic.github.io/tapegro for MS-DOS.

Poor City Builder by shocko Poor City Builder
by shocko

Instantly thought of my favorite game genre: City Builder. But maybe I went for something too difficult for only an hour of work haha. Didn't have the time to make what I wanted. Best game ever haha

It It's Myst OK
by mkapolka

Get into the puzzle room and teleport thru the bOOK

dysmyst by aurel300 dysmyst
by Aurel

link quickly to save Atrus!

Cities: Sprawl by liamlime Cities: Sprawl
by 😸🍋

The simplest possible recreation of Cities: Skylines. Use arrow keys and return to control, because that makes sense in a city builder.

INCAN GOLD Remake by let-off-studios INCAN GOLD Remake
by let-off-studios

This is a remake of my favourite tabletop card game, INCAN GOLD. Click the instructions for EXPLORE or FLEE to either continue your exploration and gain gold (or dangers) or FLEE and return to your camp. You only gain more gold if your explorer survives their trip into the temple, and you have five total trips to take. See how high your score can be...! Play in nearly any browser. Enjoy!

mini portal by pizzaportal mini portal
by pizzaportal

Portal but really small

Rocket Aerials by wan Rocket Aerials
by wan

Steam says my favorite game is Rocket League

Mine by whegl Mine

Sorry for making this...

Civ -1
by Terracottafrog

Right click on cities to change from growth (green) to building (red) Click on units to select, then right click to send then somewhere. Green settlers will build new cities, red warriors will attack opposing cities. Arrow keys to move the camera,

crappy LastOfUS by pseudoludo crappy LastOfUS
by pseudoludo

I'm sorry this sucks.i made it and even I don't like it. x-shoot arrows-move space-jump

Nagareboshi by sergiocornaga Nagareboshi
by sergiocornaga

Rhythm Tengoku without any of the things. Seriously, none of them.

Portal (2d version) by katuiche Portal (2d version)
by katuiche

Do you know why portal is so good? because portals are hard to program. (WSAD to move, mouse to portals, R to restart. you can also jump)

by dollarone


Körball Spejs Program by puarsliburf Körball Spejs Program

It's KSP but bad! Build a rocket that runs on brunsås and fly away! Enter switches between build mode and flight mode, WASD controls the rocket. Arrows can move the camera in both modes. Delete stuff in the editor with right-click. Don't try to pick up the pod.

Arcanum Looter by seleven_games Arcanum Looter
by seleven games

Loot bins to craft items.

Mr Fox & Rogue by otso_turpeinen Mr Fox & Rogue
by otso_turpeinen

​Arrows or WASD to move Bump on enemies to attack. Purple corpses to gain more damage Green corpses to heal and gain more max hp

HOMM3 Enhanced edition by thrainsa HOMM3 Enhanced edition
by thrainsa

The new version of Heroes of might and Magic 3 You need to play in 16:9 resolution ;)

Text based RTS by sorceress Text based RTS
by sorceress

All the features of an RTS game, but as a thrilling text adventure.

Find the Mask by zycronexus Find the Mask
by zycronexus

You are on a short timer to retrieve a mask that was stolen from somebody... Destroy all the enemies and get the mask back before the timer ends. WASD to move around, and left click to swing your weapon.This game is meant to be a simple version of Majora's Mask, as it's one of our favorite games! This was a collab with sweetsylveon! [Music by Incompetech]

Scramble by euske Scramble
by euske

Sorry for the late submission. I was working on my engine sample, and here I made it an entry.

Kill house by thesloveniandevil Kill house
by DevilLime

Shoot every target in the kill house. PS: The bullets going in weird directions is a FEATURE, NOT A BUG!

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