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165th One Hour Game Jam (23 Jun 2018)

Theme: 1 object
Started: 23 Jun 2018 at 20:00 (17 entries)
DESPASHITO 2: Dame Tu Cosita Special Edition by mindkill DESPASHITO 2: Dame Tu Cosita Special Edition
by mindkill

The second game in the renowed DESPASHITO series, enjoy. (i bet it will get cut off on stream lmfao)

Speedy Car by let-off-studios Speedy Car
by let-off-studios

This is SPEEDY CAR. Stay on the road and go faster and faster to earn more points. Press the UP ARROW KEY to accelerate, and LEFT or RIGHT to steer. Plays in nearly any browser. Enjoy!

Avoid Him
by veloriumstudios

Avoid the purple man

keep the cars up top by mkapolka keep the cars up top
by mkapolka

prevent the cars from going to car hell you can press r to restart

Who Dun 1t by somethinboutgames Who Dun 1t
by SomethinBoutGames

An incomplete detective game with just 1 (customizable) object! Paste a URL to an image and "play" (no interaction possible, except scrolling around the clues. The original design called for some story, interaction with the characters and finding the killer, but I ran out of time...)

Mr Fox Cannot Chew by otso_turpeinen Mr Fox Cannot Chew
by otso_turpeinen

Mr Fox cannot chew. Up & Down - move neck Space - Open mouth

Jumper by astorek86 Jumper
by astorek86

On every Level, you must place one Object that helps you to finish the Level. Arrow-Keys = Control, Z = Level-Restart.

Physical Object by laguna Physical Object
by laguna

Have fun with this physics simulation. Left Mouse Button to attract. A/D to rotate.

Life According to Yot by puarsliburf Life According to Yot

Yot is a philosopher from the planet Zarvos. He wants to win a prize for coolest philosopher in the universe. To do this he's decided to find the scrolls of truth, holding the meaning of life. Problem is that his arch nemesis Myth is trying to kill him for unrelated reasons, and since the Zarvosians have a tendency to invade and enslave the inhabitants of other planets the locals have sent out a saucer to shoot him down. Run about, collect scrolls, don't die and make sure tho be amazed at the fact that, at any given time, only one moving object is visible on the screen.

Find X by azargaz Find X
by azargaz

You need to find the object X. It took me about 1 and a half hour. I just wanted to make a game in C in console. I don't know if it works on Linux systems but I think it should.

Locked Chest by whegl Locked Chest

You find yourself in a room with a chest. You tried to open it but it seems to be locked...

Stephens Sausage Roll by stickyfrog Stephens Sausage Roll
by stickyfrog

Pick out the best sausages for your customers :)

One Object-ive by hisid98 One Object-ive
by hisid98

You have one object-ive kill the Zombies

One Man Band!! by felres One Man Band!!
by felres

You are are a one band man. But you were kidnapped by the guy that kidnaps from pulp fiction! Can you imagine that? He lets you run away if you play cool music for him

Kitten Platform by techfolker Kitten Platform
by techfolker

Help the little kitten to get to the exit. The danger is in that floor is constantly changing, so kitten asked YOU to help it. Don't let it down!

Rain Battle by svelhinh Rain Battle
by svelhinh

When sharing an umbrella‚Äč isn't romantic anymore‚Äč.

Kick Ball
by mr.ious

Just hit the ball and make your best.

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