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167th One Hour Game Jam (07 Jul 2018)

Theme: That's not supposed to be a weapon
Started: 07 Jul 2018 at 20:00 (11 entries)
Jon USB (The Zombie Machine) by sanicstudios Jon USB (The Zombie Machine)
by sanicstudios

Don't give me game making tools and an hour. Smack people with a nintendo switch as you play as a usb trying to kill Baldi and collect pepe coins only to be told that you did 'it'

Know The Difference by laguna Know The Difference
by laguna

There is a small but important difference between a nuclear reactor and a nuclear bomb. Know the difference! Use A/D to change the fuel rod spacing. The Game ends on 100 neutrons. This is a very simple physical model and a lot of things are incorrecect. However the real thing works roughly in this way.

D6 by katuiche D6
by katuiche

You are gleen, and you have explosives D6s. WASD to move, E to throw dice, and R to restart.

by aidanmarkham

You have skin. You point. What more do you need to know?

Magical Pear by astorek86 Magical Pear
by astorek86

Avoid Enemies, find your, ahem, Weapon and then kill all Enemies^^.

Parenthood by let-off-studios Parenthood
by let-off-studios

This is PARENTHOOD. Use the arrow keys to aim, and either the X key or the M key to shoot. The parents will earn points for the gifts they receive. See your result at the end. Press the ENTER key to restart the game when prompted. And I apologize if this hits too close to home.

Baby Boomer by bigpumkin Baby Boomer
by bigpumkin

Change directions with the left arrow key or a. Shoot with spacebar.

Hell! That actually doesn´t seem like weapon! by gamingjourney Hell! That actually doesn´t seem like weapon!
by gamingjourney

This is just a simple platformer! My first attempt of one hour Jam! Well, took a little bit longer! But anyway its playable ! Enjoy!!!

Pencil Clicker by PIEMEN Pencil Clicker

Click on the pencil to get more pencils wow

Weapon Smith
by quickpocket

A text based game about building weapons by disassembling the other items in your room

monster.exe by wan monster.exe
by wan

A creature has invaded your home! Move carefully and learn its behavior. Then DESTROY IT.

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