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168th One Hour Game Jam (14 Jul 2018)

Theme: Rain
Started: 14 Jul 2018 at 20:00 (16 entries)
Dodge The Rain by wildjerry Dodge The Rain
by wildjerry

This game is about dodging rain,

Rain for Me! by 89o Rain for Me!
by 89o

In this short arcade game, you are a cloud trying to water the plants near you. The difficulty increases with each next flower, so watch out!

Tooting in the Rain by Sebastian Scaini Tooting in the Rain
by Sebastian Scaini

Press space to toot, but only while it's not raining! Made with birdpun and Aurvandil.

Wait the Rain by hasher-hasher Wait the Rain
by hasher-hasher

Wait for see what the rain can do

No Umbrella by cakefromspace No Umbrella
by cakefromspace

You forgot your umbrella but you've gotta go to work. Use left and right to dodge the rain to get to your office on the other side!

Wet laundry by sprvrn Wet laundry
by sprvrn

not complete, just use X to pull the string and arrow to move. there's nothing else to do.

Don Don't rain on my parade
by bigpumkin

Don't let the rain hit the parade! Click on the droplets to get rid of them! Alt + F4 to quit

splesh spludge by mkapolka splesh spludge
by mkapolka

walk around in the rain non-game

it is raining by Terracottafrog it is raining
by Terracottafrog

arrow keys and space, escape to restart

Rain Climber
by otso_turpeinen

W,A,S,D to move Space to Jump Try to reach high as you can. Avoid the "rain"

Strange rain
by laaph

Get the keys and open the chest! Meanwhile it's raining...

flod by katuiche flod
by katuiche

Short game, really short game. Also yes, there is a typo in flod. WASD to walk, R to restart level.

It's Raining Fruits
by hisid98

Catch fruits

Shelter by πŸ˜ΈπŸ‹ Shelter
by πŸ˜ΈπŸ‹

Take shelter from the rain. This game is an experience game.

The Rain The Rain's Gettin Intae Yer Bloody Spaceship!

(I found an english to scots translator, I'm genuinely sorry for what you're about to read.) In this game ye're ane o thaim space aliens an ye dinnae like water. Problem is thon ye've crashit an the rain's gettin i. Push boxes tae cover the holes in the roof.. Type "mulle" fur a phonetic treat. In english: You're an alien and you've crashed, now the rain's getting in and you must push boxes to cover the holes in the roof. It's sokoban but bad. Sokobad.

Rain on everyone Rain on everyone's parade
by dollarone

Hit ENTER to rain on those smiling buggers! All art by FlamingFossa!

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