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169th One Hour Game Jam (21 Jul 2018)

Theme: 1 button
Started: 21 Jul 2018 at 20:00 (14 entries)
Memento Mori by liamlime Memento Mori
by πŸ˜ΈπŸ‹

Hold Space for the indicated amount of time. Be as precise as you can.

One Button Baloon by lpmoura One Button Baloon
by lpmoura

Press space bar to inflate balloon up | Avoid Obstacles | Try to land Safely on platform

Narutoes Day Out by palmerstolly Narutoes Day Out
by palmerstolly

Adventure Game about Naruto and his day out

Eat Thy Greens by lessuknow Eat Thy Greens
by lessuknow

Tap space to jump, hold to run. Eat thy greens.

Just One Button by frodewin Just One Button
by frodewin

Keep calm! It's just one button to sow. Stick the needle through each of the four button holes and you are done. Press space when the needle is over the hole. You can't hold the needle steady (just like in real life).

Button Bandits by sebastianscaini Button Bandits
by Sebastian Scaini

Stop the bandit from hitting the cactus that's cute as a button. Press space to deflect their attacks!

Kill Purplor by millmoss Kill Purplor
by millmoss

Kill purplor with rocks

Avoid Fingers. by astorek86 Avoid Fingers.
by astorek86

You are a Button and you want to avoid these strange fingers...

One button by whegl One button


Don Don't stop clicking
by sodacanstudios

Keep clicking the cookie or something bad will happen

Jump Boy by hisid98 Jump Boy
by hisid98

Make Jump Boy Jump

Maze by dollarone Maze
by dollarone

Twitch-chat inspired game. Press z to do stuff. Find the treasure!

button.exe by katuiche button.exe
by katuiche


Roll for your life! by terracottafrog Roll for your life!
by Terracottafrog

Run from the evil iron! Escape to the safety of your washing machine home! Arrow keys and spacebar to control.

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