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170th One Hour Game Jam (28 Jul 2018)

Theme: 5 seconds
Started: 28 Jul 2018 at 20:00 (21 entries)
Click Away by hisid98 Click Away
by hisid98

Click as many times as you can!

FlyCube by 89o FlyCube
by 89o

Move with WASD / Arrow Keys, pause with Esc, restart with R. Fly through the levels avoiding the walls.

by mkapolka

get your affairs in order, but do it quick!!!

5 Second Shooter by laguna 5 Second Shooter
by laguna

You can't move! You have to defend! The ceiling is coming down! Enemies sweep in! Survive! A/D or Left/Right to face in a direction. Space to Shoot!

Moon Landing Madness by adrianks47 Moon Landing Madness
by adrianks47

You're a spaceship that craves reaching the green flag. You have 5 seconds of air time, that is restored when you're landed. Thurst = W, Steer = A & D, Restart = R

5 Seconds or Less! (YEEEEAH) by ztuu 5 Seconds or Less! (YEEEEAH)
by ztuu

Targets appear for 5 seconds. The faster you click them the more points you get. If a target disappears you get a miss. 3 misses and you're out!

Platform by Urainum Donut Platform
by Urainum Donut

Stay on the Platorm for 5 Seconds!

Dining Simulator by Terracottafrog Dining Simulator
by Terracottafrog

Your mother is giving you more seconds than you could possibly eat! She will be furious if you don't, so throw it to the pets when she isn't looking to avoid eating yourself to death! Up to feed to cat, down to feed to dog, left to eat. Don't eat too much or allow too much food to accumulate. You need to wait for the cat or dog to appear. Escape to restart. Based on "Mangia" for the Atari 2600.

Yot and Myth Try to Outlive Each Other by PUARSLIBURF Yot and Myth Try to Outlive Each Other

Yot (Blue) and Myth (Red) are back, with a completely different design. I can't be arsed to explain their backstory again as they've already been featured in one of my games (Life according to Yot), but the important bits are that they're alien philosophers and they want each other dead. At the moment they for some undisclosed reason have 5 seconds left to live and have to collect magic clocks that reset the timer. One Player controls Myth with WASD and the other controls Yot with the arrow keys, pressing space switches their places (Use this when the other player is closer to a clock than you are.)

movem by voxeledphoton movem
by voxeledphoton

move the legs/arms with asdf

Despaction 2 by ryanm8787 Despaction 2
by ryanm8787

I want to apologise to the game dev community for this abomination

JUICE by Sebastian Scaini JUICE
by Sebastian Scaini

Rapidly press spacebar to CONSUME JUICE (Made with birdpun and Aurvandil)

Manhjong Couples by davilopez10 Manhjong Couples
by davilopez10

find couples in less than 5 seconds

Second-Guess Racetrack by let-off-studios Second-Guess Racetrack
by let-off-studios

Choose which runner will win the race, and then click the GO button. Every five seconds you may change your selection, but your winnings will be reduced.Once the race ends, press the -R- key to start another race with your current winnings. Enjoy! Character sprites by Clickteam, bleep sound made in BFXR. All other things by me.

So Close by jdam23 So Close
by jdam23

Click as close as five seconds as possible!

Shoot the UFO! by Neowedge Shoot the UFO!
by Neowedge

You must take a photo of a UFO, but it is fast and your boss want that picture NOW!!!! If you take a good picture, maybe your boss gives you more time to take another one...

by SodaCan Studios

just answer sum questions!

Cheese by crazymatt Cheese
by crazymatt

Cheese. Get the cheese. Don't ask me why. You like cheese. Honest.

MrFox & Five Seconds Of History by otso_turpeinen MrFox & Five Seconds Of History
by otso_turpeinen

Left & Right to Move Space to Jump Mr Fox has fallen in perpetual limbo with his trusty beach ball.

12 BPM by wan 12 BPM
by wan

Made in half an hour, yet has over 10 endings!

5 seconds game by dollarone 5 seconds game
by dollarone

This is my attempt at "humour"

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