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171st One Hour Game Jam (04 Aug 2018)

Theme: Four elements
Started: 04 Aug 2018 at 20:00 (15 entries)
Element Hunter by laguna Element Hunter
by laguna

You are the hunter of the elements. A simple jump and run game.

Four Elemints by energeticsheep Four Elemints
by energeticsheep

Sheep are cute, but have u ever smelt their breath? Theres 4 types of bad breath that sheep can get Tan = earth Light Blue = air Red = fire Dark blue = water Its ur job to give all the sheep in town the opposite breath mint to neutralize that stink Space to turn wheel Arrow keys to fire

Element Swap by sheltered_shrine Element Swap
by sheltered_shrine

Swap between elements to do different things, and avoid getting hit by other elements.

Elemental Tag by let-off-studios Elemental Tag
by let-off-studios

Move your face with the ARROW KEYS/CURSOR KEYS. Rotate your Element Tagger with the A and D KEYS to collect matching colours. When you collect enough, you earn a score bonus. Try for a high score. Enjoy! Plays in nearly any browser.

Mr Fox & Four Problems by otso_turpeinen Mr Fox & Four Problems
by otso_turpeinen

Mr Fox is world renown problem solver.

Sepements by mantlair Sepements
by mantlair

Separate out the bouncing elements to their respective zones. Use Numpad 1-4,2-5, 3-6 to move 3 pads respectively. When a green aura is shown it means that that element is in the right spot. When all are in the right spot you win. R to restart.

Varcadra - Prototype by katuiche Varcadra - Prototype
by katuiche

Ok, i took 2 hours in this one. I cheated, sorry. :(

4 elements. by PIEMEN 4 elements.

Move the elements and combine them.

Rock, Paper, FIRE! by chaosthelegend Rock, Paper, FIRE!
by chaosthelegend

Rock, paper, scissors, but with elements. Warning! it's JAR file, it will not start whithout JAVA!

Against the elements by tasufeno Against the elements
by tasufeno

Shoot the enemy with the same element they're made.

Element Server by midori Element Server
by midori

You work in a badly drawn pub where you serve the four elements to strange grey dudes. Serve as many as you can in 30 seconds!!! (Press the key corresponding to their request)

Not elemental guy by Sheper Not elemental guy
by Sheper


Mud Cake by posho Mud Cake
by posho

Use the four elements to bake a delicious mud cake!

my failed game by denneledoe my failed game
by denneledoe

just gave up half way there. i really need to practice being quick again, because this is what i managed to get in 45 minutes, and i have no clue how to balance this game out. iam done for this week. SOZ (let's hope the streamers don't ever find this. aurel would skin me alive)

Wildfire by dollarone Wildfire
by dollarone

You are an aerial firefighter. Combat the wildfire with the four elements: fire, water, earth and wind. Z to pick up/release, cursors to move

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