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172nd One Hour Game Jam (11 Aug 2018)

Theme: Bouncy
Started: 11 Aug 2018 at 20:00 (6 entries)
Bouncy Dungeon by rayasticot Bouncy Dungeon
by rayasticot

Go to the best bouncy castle in the world!

Bouncy Bunnies by ztuu Bouncy Bunnies
by ztuu

Help the bunnies jump over the fox to keep them happy. Don't let him eat them! Mouse moves platform to help bunnies bounce.

The worst bouncy house in the whole world by mkapolka The worst bouncy house in the whole world
by mkapolka

i spent the whole time trying to get this stupid bounce code to work and didn't actually make a game. sorry. arrow keys to move

Mr. Fox & Sky Bounce by otso_turpeinen Mr. Fox & Sky Bounce
by otso_turpeinen

Left & Right to move Fox Jumps automatically.

hoop baller by stranger hoop baller
by stranger

technically a game

Reddie? by hisid98 Reddie?
by hisid98

Make sure Reddie doesn't get caught by the Buggers!

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