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173rd One Hour Game Jam (18 Aug 2018)

Theme: Electricity
Started: 18 Aug 2018 at 20:00 (21 entries)
Thunderstorm v2 by 89o Thunderstorm v2
by 89o

This is a remake of my LD39 game (my first ever game jam game), Thunderstorm. You can play it here: https://nnnikki.itch.io/thunderstorm Click a cloud to shoot a thunderbolt from it. Shoot bolts into receptor thingies to maintain your level of energy. Also, beware not to shoot at the ground. You can also pause with Esc.

2 2 2 2 2 2 many clocks by mkapolka 2 2 2 2 2 2 many clocks
by mkapolka

~=DANGER DANGER=~ DARK THEME ALERT ~=DANGER DANGER=~ This game was made using this week's DARK THEME, "Your Kitchen Is Full Of Clocks" In this game, your kitchen, well, you get the drill. VIVA APOSTASY

Vava Vava's Electric Adventures
by indiebuild

a topdown meme game, play with WASD and mouse buttons. shoot the electric thingos to activate or deactivate lasers, ye.

--- by . ---
by .


Zappy Cat by ztuu Zappy Cat
by ztuu

Use A & D or left and right arrows to move the cat and dodge the lightning bolts. Might be a bit difficult didn't have time to tune it.

Will To Live by igor01234 Will To Live
by igor01234

Very short game about managing your will to live.

The electrician by vfabien21 The electrician
by vfabien21

Connect the engine to the power source, whithout getting burned to ashes... Made with puzzle script. (Small edit on last level a few minutes after the end of the jam, to make it winable...)

EleCorp by metalhand EleCorp
by metalhand

You're a corp trying to bring Electricity to the people! Left-Click and Right-Click to place masts, and press O to reset!

A very logical game by PUARSLIBURF A very logical game

You're a small gnome sitting in an office making sure that all logic gates give the right outputs, you are told what gate you're controlling and what the inputs are, choose the correct output for points, choose the wrong one for death. Get as many points as possible in 50 seconds.

Power All Towers! by laguna Power All Towers!
by laguna

Power all towers by connecting them with cables.\nHowever, each tower can only be connected to two other towers. LMB select and connect, RMB deselect. [R] restart level.

Fork in the stopcontact by mannenwarmer Fork in the stopcontact
by mannenwarmer

Thanks to PIEMEN for doing absolutely nothing I did it all by my self :))))))))) jk

Carry his Fire by thom9258 Carry his Fire
by thom9258

https://thom9258.itch.io/onehourgamejam173 wasd to move - press p if game goes to shit pick up energy to pass energy bridges, watch out for energy killers. Story: he was playing computer when the power went out, someone has to turn it back on!

Eletric cart by katuiche Eletric cart
by katuiche

*Brief game description here* commands: space and R

Transformers by πŸ˜ΈπŸ‹ Transformers
by πŸ˜ΈπŸ‹

Set up the transformer so it produced the target voltage

Baaatteries by energeticsheep Baaatteries
by energeticsheep

Being a sheep dog is hard! Well with the help of electricity your job just got easier. instead of of chasing your sheep you've decided to give them flash light so they don't get lost at night. Make sure that you replace their batteries quick enough when their lights go off or they'll get scared and wander off! Arrow keys to aim. Space bar to fire.

Mr Fox & Electric Climb by otso_turpeinen Mr Fox & Electric Climb
by otso_turpeinen

Mouse Left & Right Click to climb.

Elektrik by laaph Elektrik
by laaph

Use the mouse to move the hand and catch all the electricities!

bzibzi by rature bzibzi
by rature

use arrow key to move and jump

Batteries by astorek86 Batteries
by astorek86

Click to the Batteries to reduced LED-Counter. At least one LED-Counter needs "Zero", but not below Zero^^.

Subset Hunt by Mimarik Subset Hunt
by Mimarik

Every switch toggles a pregenerated set of lightbulbs. Turn all the bulbs on and proceed to the next level (one bulb and switch more). At least one solution is guaranteed. Built in Godot.

Jumpin Jumpin' Jigawatts
by let-off-studios

You are a jolt of volts. Light all the light bulbs! Move along the cable pathways with the ARROW KEYS / CURSOR KEYS, and rotate the paths with the X or Z KEYS, or the SPACEBAR. Tag a bulb to light it. Try for a high score! (I admit I over-reached with this one and it's kinda buggy, including the score system...sorry!) Playable in nearly any browser. Enjoy!

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