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Theme: Charge
September 1st 2018

20 Games

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Charge Ur Gun! by ytkimirti Charge Ur Gun!
by ytkimirti

A game where you charge your gun to shoot zombies!

Bills by boltkey Bills
by boltkey

Pay off as many bills as you can before time runs out! Can you reach score of 10? Reload the page to restart

A bull in the shop by vfabien21 A bull in the shop
by vfabien21

Throw the bull at nice porcelain. And enjoy the music ;-) A game made with puzzle script.

Charge by Ido Adler Charge
by Ido Adler

Bull -> Gate

Charging Platforms by alontzarafi Charging Platforms
by alontzarafi

Press W to jump. Hold SPACE to charge the blue platforms. Don't fall.

Low Battery by staingames Low Battery
by staingames

Charge the cellphone before it runs out of battery.

Let It Charge! by Bigaston Let It Charge!
by Bigaston

Let the progress bar charge!

by mkapolka

Clicker game about building up CHARGE with ROBOTS :)

Dodge it by Wombart Dodge it
by Wombart

Press c to start

Charge! by jpalmer999 Charge!
by jpalmer999

Bumper Cars With Electrical Charge

Electrostatic Billard by frodewin Electrostatic Billard
by frodewin

Drag the charges around to make the electron reach its goal. Different charges attract, same charges repel - that's all you need to know!

SpheroChargeBalls by katuiche SpheroChargeBalls
by katuiche

Charge your ball to create a chain reaction and destroy another balls, but be carefull to not be in the range of the another balls. Space to charge, r to restart.

Destroy Your PHONE by belgaa54 Destroy Your PHONE
by belgaa54

Your phone is not charging!! DESTROY IT!!!!

Charge of the Aliens by PUARSLIBURF Charge of the Aliens

Can you tell that I like games about aliens? An RTS where you invade the Earth (Again). Move your Flying saucer with the arrow keys and command your troops using the following commands: 1-Defend your base 2-Collect gold 3-Attack the human base 4-follow the saucer and 5-buy a new soldier for 5 gold. Game's really unbalanced, either way too easy or nigh unbeatable, too tired to test final build. This is a remake of an earlier projact of mine

Charge The Fortress! by Mimarik Charge The Fortress!
by Mimarik

Build an army and smash it against the castle's defences. When you reduce the castle's strength to zero, loot it and proceed to the next castle. When you run out of both strength and gold, you lose. Record your level reached as a score.

Charge Tanks by theInsomniacGameMaker Charge Tanks
by theInsomniacGameMaker

Explode the Red Barrel as many times! You are on the clock!

Charge by hoax Charge
by hoax

My first one hour game jam :D Use your mouse to play and try to complete the game as fast as you can. R to restart.

$1.3 Game by sergiocornaga $1.3 Game
by sergiocornaga

Charge & release.

Battery Powered by zycronexus Battery Powered
by zycronexus

Reroute your limited power to different processes to defend yourself from alien invaders for as long as possible!

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