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177th One Hour Game Jam (15 Sep 2018)

Theme: Island
Started: 15 Sep 2018 at 20:00 (21 entries)
IslandSuperChillSuperFishing by tymotylis IslandSuperChillSuperFishing
by tymotylis

Get the fishes, avoid the rocks, it gets buggy, but hey it works <3

Paradise Defense by Zorb Paradise Defense
by Zorb

Defend your island from attacking ships!

IslandHopper by wersady IslandHopper
by wersady

Hop from island to island.

Island Hopping by pin Island Hopping
by pin

**CONTROLLER REQUIRED** Jump from Island to Island in this ever-quickening auto-scroller.

Island Wave Rider by dayn9 Island Wave Rider
by dayn9

Use the up and down arrow keys to ride the wave Use the left and right arrow keys to do flips in the air, just make sure you land on your head!

Falling Islands by alontzarafi Falling Islands
by alontzarafi

Falling islands from the sky. Click them!

Villagers vs. Trees by oldmudfoot Villagers vs. Trees
by oldmudfoot

*** Windows .exe file fixed (I added DLL files to prevent errors) **** You are on a heavily forested island, your village is struggling to survive. Use the 't' and 'g' keys to cut trees and grow crops. Reach a population of 200 villagers to win.

Islands by opatut Islands
by opatut

Your job is to jump from island to island to collect all stars before the timer runs out. Each star gives you some bonus time. You cannot jump too far. Click to jump.

Rock Island by afroant Rock Island
by afroant

WASD to move to ROOOOOOCK ISLAAAAAAND!!! Navigate your way to the island. Dock and load your cargo. Navigate back and unload your cargo. ***Avoid pirates. They'll steal your precious booty ***Avoid rocks. Rock beats ship, every time. Enjoy your stay on ROOOOOOCK ISLAAAAAAND

island shover by elzach island shover
by elzach

shove the boxes of your island

IslandNavigator by nickifr IslandNavigator
by nickifr

Skip along some islands in the sea to reach the goal!

Limited By Boredom
by Mimarik

Place new colourful tiles next to previously existing tiles and expand your island. As the placement is nearly unlimited, but the tiles do nothing, your own boredom is the only thing affecting how big and beautiful can you make your island in the middle of the sea. Try creating something worth looking at.

Speed Survival by astorek86 Speed Survival
by astorek86

You. Alone. With Trees, Monsters and the Ability to craft a Sword^^.

Stranded on an Island by amkingtrp Stranded on an Island
by amkingtrp

Pick up sticks and feed the signal fire to keep it going. You can carry 3 sticks at once. About 1 (and a bit) hours to make, 40 minutes for Unity to build the webgl version...

I I's Land
by Terracottafrog

Allow all the Is to land while stopping their opposite letter, O, from canceling them out. Mouse to control.

Mr Fox & Great Fish by otso_turpeinen Mr Fox & Great Fish
by otso_turpeinen

Fishing Game

Treasure Hunt by dollarone Treasure Hunt
by dollarone

You're looking for a treasure. Explore the island. Arrows to move, Z for minimap.

Island Escape by Aviv871 Island Escape
by Aviv871

Craft a boat and escape the island.

Swipe And Go by thesoulselector Swipe And Go
by thesoulselector

Swipe to make your craft go. Collect gems before your timer runs low. Don't hit the objects or else you lose life. Stay on the island. Click and drag to swipe the craft. The bigger the gesture the further you will go. Swipe against the direction of travel to break and turn around.

by niktongames

You need to survive as long, as you can. If you hit 1111 points - you will win!

IslandJumper by laguna IslandJumper
by laguna

Survive on your island. WAD, Arrows, Space.

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