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178th One Hour Game Jam (22 Sep 2018)

Theme: Consume
Started: 22 Sep 2018 at 20:00 (14 entries)
Don Don't Consume Anything!
by RainbowKappaGames

Whatever you do, Don't Touch or Consume Anything!

Ghost Ride the Whip by wersady Ghost Ride the Whip
by wersady

Consume plasma and collect coins.

Pac Battle by adrianks47 Pac Battle
by adrianks47

Kinda pac man game where you have to eat the other pac mans. Use WASD to move.

Snake Again
by Mimarik

I was somewhat tired and not at all inspired by the theme, so I just recreated Snake once more. Arrows to control, avoid hitting yourself or the edges of the world, hit apples (light green) to eat them and grow. Very simple and repetitive.


It's the snake game, control with left and right arrows. I'm on my school computer and, as such, don't have access to my intro files.

Consume by Ido Adler Consume
by Ido Adler

Consume Everything!

The Cookie Minute by frodewin The Cookie Minute
by frodewin

Eat as many cookies as possible. You have 60 seconds and 5 packages. Click a cookie box to get the cookies out. Click the cookie to take a bite. That's it, what do you need more? Made with Scratch, powered by Sulfurous.

eat shit and die
by adolf2137


by Aurel


Hamburger Consumes Candy by PIEMEN Hamburger Consumes Candy

Help the hamburger get to the mayonaise jar by eating candy! Use the spacebar or q to eat the candy. Press R to restart the level.

Eating Paradox
by Mosslike

You have to eat everything!

Slimey Eatter by theInsomniacGameMaker Slimey Eatter
by theInsomniacGameMaker

Eat the correct radioactive material and dodge the others! Use the mouse to eat and space bar to jump!

Intelligent consumerism critique Kappa by sen Intelligent consumerism critique Kappa
by sen

You are a flame and need to consume combustibles to keep on living. Change support before your current one burns out! If it does burn out, you die and lose the game.

Honey Bear by let-off-studios Honey Bear
by let-off-studios

Eat as much honey as you can. Your bear moves along the woodland path. Press and hold SHIFT or Joystick Button 1 to stop and eat at a beehive. Don't get stung too many times! Try for a high score. Plays in nearly any browser. Enjoy!

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